Jeon Somi’s Family: Father, Mother, Younger Sister, and Interesting Moment

somi family

The Extra Unique and Talented Solo Singer Jeon Somi and Her Family!

Somi is a singer-songwriter of Canadian-Dutch-Korean descent based in South Korea. She has the full name Ennik Somi Douma and became a soloist under The Black Label. Somi’s family is interesting with its Canadian-Dutch-Korean background. She has quite a different physicality from Koreans in general which makes it easy to point out the uniqueness. She made it to her debut after joining many survival shows like SIXTEEN and Produce 101. Her debut song “Birthday” in 2019 became popular and set her as one of the young successful soloists.

Let’s get to know Somi’s family in this Channel-Korea article! Stay tuned!

Somi’s Family Background

somi family

Somi who was born in Ontario, on March 9, 2001, has a Korean mother and a Dutch-Canadian father. In September 2001, her family moved back to South Korea when she was six months old. Her mother was homesick, so they moved to Yeonhui-dong, Seoul.

All About Somi’s Father: Matthew Douma

somi family

Somi’s father is Matthew Douma who is Canadian. He was studying taekwondo in South Korea before going back to Canada and then finally moving again when Somi was six months old. He was a taekwondo fourth-degree black belt and is also a photojournalist.

somi family

Somi’s father is now active as an actor. He’s performed in supporting roles in various Korean dramas such as Descendants of the Sun, Ode to My Father, and Kill Me Heal Me.

somi family

He is a supportive father for Somi and even appeared in Somi’s MV “XOXO” as a police officer. Her father really loves and supports her to reach her dream as a singer in South Korea.

All About Somi’s Mother: Jeon Sun-hee

somi family

Somi’s mother is Jeon Sun-hee who is of Korean descent. She is a supportive mother who has accompanied Somi to pursue a singing career since her fourth year in elementary school.

At first, Somi was suggested by her father to try taekwondo in Soul Midong Elementary School. Later, Somi developed a dream to be a singer after hearing Rihanna’s song “Don’t Stop the Music.”

When Somi debuted with I.O.I, her mother visited her to help her pack her belongings. Her mother felt upset after seeing her daughter with various medicines for neuralgia and sty. She expressed that Somi is too young to consume all those medicines. She showed her concern and tried to get to know her daughter again after Somi’s 1-year schedule away.

All About Somi’s Younger Sister: Evelyn Maverick Douma

somi family

Somi’s sister is Evelyn Maverick Douma who was born in 2009. Her relationship with Evelyn is like other siblings. They tease and nag each other. Check out their cute picture together below!

somi family

Funny and Interesting Story in Somi’s Family

somi family

Somi told a ghost story about her family home when she was living in a dorm with I.O.I members on MBC’s Late Night Ghost Talk. She expressed that one day her mother slept in her bedroom while her father slept with Evelyn, her younger sister.

Her mother felt like she saw a man while she was sleeping in Somi’s bedroom. She later speculated that it was Somi’s father but found out it wasn’t after asking the next day. Somi’s father tried to sleep in Somi’s bedroom, and then the ghost appeared in his dream asking where he hid his woman.

However, Somi never experienced the ghost her parents did. She probably had a strong aura or energy against the ghost. After Somi went back home, the ghost never appeared again.

That’s all about Somi’s family including her father, mother, and younger sister. Who is the most interesting family member? Put your comment below and share it on Twitter, too. Keep supporting Somi’s career all the way!