Jeon So-mi: Profile, Facts, Height, Weight, Relationship With TWICE

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The Gorgeous Jeon So-mi

You must be familiar with Jeon So-mi! She is most famously known as a former member of I.O.I, a girl-group that was disbanded, and also  famously known for her participation in the reality shows Sixteen and Produce 101.

Jeon So-mi used to work under JYP Entertainment, and when she was a trainee, she appeared in Got7‘s music video Stop Stop It with another female trainee.

It’s time to learn more about Jeon So-mi. Channel Korea introduces you the cheerful Jeon So-mi. Stay tuned!

Jeon So-mi’s Background: Profile, Facts, and Family

As already mentioned, Jeon So-mi is of mixed Canadian and Korean descent. Her mother, Jeon Sun-hee, was Korean, and that’s why she was used Jeon So-mi as her Korean name. Her father, Matthew Douma, was Dutch-Canadian. Jeon So-mi has one younger sister, Evelyn Douma. Her father was a photojournalist and holder of a taekwondo fourth-degree black belt, and Jeon So-mi, herself, holds a third-degree black belt.

Jeon So-mi, her father and her sister once appeared in Ode to My Father, in 2014. In the same year, she was also appeared on the 187th episodes Hello Counselor with her mother and her grandmother.

Here’s her full profile and some interesting facts about Jeon So-mi!

Jeon So-mi’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Ennik Somi Douma

Korean Name: Jeon So-mi (전소미)

Date of Birth: Ontario, Canada, March 9, 2001

Age: 20 (International age) / 21 (Korean age)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Agency: JYP Entertainment, The Black Label

Instagram: @somsomi0309

Nationality: Korean, Canadian, Dutch

Blood Type: O

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Education: Seoyun Middle School, Hanlim Multi Arts High School

Jeon So-mi’s Interesting Facts
  • Jeon So-mi is a fan of Big Bang and 2NE1
  • She was almost debuted with the girl-group Twice
  • She was a multi-talented trainee while she was in JYP Entertainment
  • Her family moved to South Korea when she was just a year old
  • Her fanclub name was ‘Sommoongchi’
  • Somi once thought about having plastic surgery to get a more Asian face, because she bullied for not looking more like other Asian people
  • She’s good at cooking and playing the piano
  • She loves pizza and her favorite color is black
  • She has a cheerful personality and is really friendly to everyone
  • She starred in many advertisements
  • She was one of the Top 19 in The Biggest Teenager Musician 2017

Jeon So-mi’s Discography


Title Year
Flower, Wind, and You 2016
You, Who? 2017
Nov to Feb 2017
Birthday 2019
What You’re Waiting For 2020
Dumb Dumb 2021
XOXO 2021


Singles with I.O.I

Title Year
Crush 2016
Dream Girls 2016
Whatta Man 2016
Hand in Hand 2016
Very Very Very 2016
Downpour 2017


Extended Plays

Title Details
Chrysalis Released on May 4, 2016

Label: YMC Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment

Formats: CD, Digital download

Miss Me? Released on October 17, 2016

Label: YMC Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment

Formats: CD, Digital download


Other Charted Songs

Title Year
When the Cherry Blossoms Fade 2016
Knock Knock Knock 2016
Doo Wap 2016
Pick Me 2016
Hold On 2016
More More 2016
Ping Pong 2016
M-Maybe 2016



Title Year
I Love You, I Remember You 2016


Music Videos

Title Year
Crush 2016
Dream Girls 2016
Whatta Man 2016
Very Very Very 2016
Downpour 2017
Yum Yum 2016
You, Who? (Feat. Eric Nam) 2017
Birthday 2019
What You’re Waiting For 2020
Dumb Dumb 2021
XOXO 2021


Jeon So-mi’s Filmography


Title Year
Ode to My Father 2014


Television Shows

Title Year Network
Sixteen 2015 Mnet
Produce 101 2016 Mnet
The Show 2016-2017 SBS MTV
Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2 2017 KBS
Idol Drama Operation Team 2017 KBS



Title Year Network
26th Seoul Music Awards 2017 KBS N
Music Bank World Tour: Berlin 2018 KBS 2

KBS World



Title Year
Yum-Yum 2016
You, Who? 2017
Right 2017
Deep Blue Eyes 2017


Jeon So-mi and Her Awards and Nominations

Jeon So-mi won an award from the Korea First Brand Awards in 2017, in the category CF Model. No wonder, Jeon So-mi had already starred in so many advertisements!

From all of the categories, Jeon So-mi had the highest number of votes, that’s cost 64,532 for the CF Model category!

Somi and Her Almost-Debut-with-TWICE Story

Somi was just one step closer to debut with TWICE. Before she signed a contract with The Black Label, Somi was a JYP Trainee. In 2014, she auditioned at JYP Entertainment by performing 2NE1‘s song “Lonely” and she passed. After Somi successfully joined and became a trainee there, she made a good prefix as a trainee by appearing in GOT7‘s music video entitled “Stop Stop It.”

In May 2015, Somi participated in a survival program called SIXTEEN to forming and debuting a new group named TWICE.

Jeon Somi against the 15 trainees showed her abilities such as dancing, singing, and charisma. They were divided into 2 teams, namely “Minor” and “Major.” At first, Somi was entered into the “Minor Team” along with Natty, Jiwon, Eunsuh, IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon, ITZY’s Chaeryeong, Tzuyu, Jihyo, Sana, and Jeongyeon. As time went by, Somi was moved to the “Major Team.”

Somi got a lot of attention from the audience. She also always got a good rank and even entered the final episode. However, in the final episode, Somi failed to get a position to debut with TWICE, and she was eliminated in 11th place.

If you wanna see her performance during the song, you can click the video below!

The Reason Why Somi Didn’t Debut with TWICE

What was the reason Jeon So-mi failed to debut with TWICE? It is true that Somi was eliminated in the final round by getting 11th place. But it was also because of her young age and her skills who still wasn’t good enough that made her eliminated.

Let’s see the details of the reasons why Jeon So-mi didn’t debut with TWICE.

Somi’s Dancing Skills Wasn’t Good Enough

2 years after the program ended, Jeon Somi revealed the reason why she failed to debut with TWICE at that time. In the KBS reality show Sister’s Slam Dunk which aired on February 10, 2017, Somi shared her stories about her experience. She said that she always wanted to be a singer, and then she participated in the survival show SIXTEEN. 

But, she said that she didn’t come out as a winner. The reason she failed was that her dancing skill was still not good, and even Park Jin-young said:

“Somi looks like an amateur when she dances.”

So, after that, she always tries to develop her abilities by participating in other survival shows such as Produce 101. 

JYP’s Thoughts About Somi’s Elimination: “She Is Like A Fermented Kimchi.”

JYP or Park Jin-young as the executive producer of JYP Entertainment once said that Somi was still too young at that time.

In a program called “Weekly Idol” where JYP was invited as a guest, he was asked about his opinion regarding Somi that didn’t end up in TWICE. JYP answered, “She is like a fermented kimchi.” He said the kimchi will taste even better if we wait for it to ferment longer. Same as Somi, JYP thought that at the time TWICE was made, Somi’s skills were still need to be improved.

Then again, even though Somi didn’t debut with TWICE, she joined ‘Produce 101’ and ranked first. She also debuted with a temporary group called I.O.I.

Somi and TWICE Members Are Still Friends!

Even though Somi failed to debut with TWICE, the relationship between Somi and TWICE’s members is really good. Check out the moments between Somi and TWICE’s members before and after her debut.

Somi and TWICE’s Interaction Pre-Debut Era

During Somi’s pre-debut era, she was close with all the participants, especially TWICE’s maknae line, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and Tzuyu. Somi’s age difference with TWICE’s maknae line is not that far, so they are more like same-age friends when they are together. They went to the same high school too.

Somi and TWICE’s Interaction After Somi’s Solo Debut

After her solo debut, Somi is still close with TWICE members even though they are not in the same company anymore.

On October 22, 2019, Somi and Tzuyu accidentally met at the airport. They hugged each other and talked together. Somi then explained the chronology when she was live on Instagram.

In February 2020, suddenly ONCE and Somi’s fans felt happy because of Somi’s Instagram @somsomi0309 post. She uploaded a photo with TWICE’s Chaeyoung without makeup with the caption:

“My beloved friend cleans my nose for me.”

In a Twitter Blueroom interview, Somi chose TWICE’s Sana as her best friend among TWICE’s members. Sana said that Somi’s solo song is really good and complements her beauty too. Not only that, Sana sent Somi a ice cream truck at the set!