Learn More About Jeon So-mi: From Her I.O.I Days To Signing a Contract with YG Entertainment

Jeon So-mi’s Appearance on Produce 101

Jeon So-mi

She may have washed out in Sixteen, failing to debut with Twice, but in 2016, she joined the show Produce 101. Happily, she made it to first place and got the highest number of votes, and she became the superior trainee. Jeon So-mi finally made her debut with the girl-group, I.O.I!

Watch Jeon So-mi’s performance on Produce 101 here:

Her Debut in IOI

Jeon So-mi

I.O.I was debuted in 2016, with the release of their extended play Chrysalis, under YMC Entertainment. Jeon So-mi was one of the I.O.I members to promote the group’s second single, Whatta Man.

She released a single with  her groupmates from I.O.I, Choi Yoo-jung and Kim Chung-ha and DIA’s Ki Hui-hyeon, called Wind, Flower, and You. Unfortunately, right from the start, I.O.I was only a temporary project. All of the members knew that their group would be eventually be disbanded, but when the time came, they were all still surprised and sad, including Jeon So-mi.

I.O.I officially disbanded in January, 2017. But, Jeon So-mi has continued her career as an entertainer.

Jeon So-mi’s Makeup and Beauty Tips!

Jeon So-mi

Want to know how to look like Jeon So-mi? Don’t worry! Jeon So-mi once talked about her makeup and beauty tips for us!

She’s said that her interest in makeup came from her father, Matthew Douma, who once worked as a makeup artist, and she thanked him for giving her the interest in makeup. She also said that her signature style of makeup was to wear red lipstick. She’s tried a lot of shades of red, ranging from coral red to dark red, chich red, and party red, she loved all of them!

Jeon So-mi

And also, Jeon So-mi used to diet for to keep herself trim. She once did a diet where, for a week, she only ate bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She lost 4 kg in a week.