Learn More About Jeon So-mi: From Her I.O.I Days To Signing a Contract with YG Entertainment

Jeon So-mi and Her Awards and Nominations

Jeon So-mi

Jeon So-mi won an award from the Korea First Brand Awards in 2017, in the category CF Model. No wonder, Jeon So-mi had already starred in so many advertisements!

From all of the categories, Jeon So-mi had the highest number of votes, that’s cost 64,532 for the CF Model category!

How About Jeon So-mi’s Endorsements?

Jeon So-mi

Jeon So-mi was choosen as a campaign model for Coca-Cola’s beverage brand, Fanta. Coca-Cola’s official part said that they’re choosen Jeon So-mi as their campaign model because Jeon So-mi gives off a bright energy with her stunning charm. She matched so well with the Fanta’s image of spreading happiness in everyday life!

Watch her appearance here:

Jeon So-mi was also a uniform model for Skoolooks.

Jeon So-mi

Jeon So-mi also used to be a model for the cosmetics brand Giverny. She promoted their lipstick and other products.

Jeon So-mi

Finally, she was in the commercial advertisement for LG’s G5, the newest edition of flagship G, for SK Telecom! Watch her performance here:

Jeon So-mi on Sixteen

Jeon So-mi

Jeon So-mi auditioned for JYP Entertainment, followed by her trainee days. After that, she  was a contestant in the girl-group survival show, Sixteen, in 2015. She was joined the competition hoping for a position as a member of the future girl-group from JYP Entertainment, Twice. She was eliminated on the show, and didn’t get to be part of Twice, and after her failure, some people mocked her as the almost-debuted-member-with-Twice.

She kept up the struggle, though, and working harder on her skills as a singer and dancer. The following year, Jeon So-mi was in another competition, Produce 101, and successfully did made her debut!

Watch Jeon So-mi’s performance on Sixteen here: