Get To Know Jeon Min-ju: Profile, Debut with Girl Group ‘The Ark’, Re-debut as Duo ‘KHAN’, and More

Minju’s Discography

jeon minju the ark

Here are a few compilations of The Ark ex-leader Jeon Minju’s songs and digital singles, let’s check them out now!

Digital Singles

  • Bibi Yeol (비별) (Goodbye Rain) feat. Yuna Kim and Hyun Kyu) – [2014.07.15]
  • 언니는 살아있다 OST Part.1 – [2017.04.29]

Compilations and Other Song Collections

  • [2017.02.26] KPOP Star Season 6 TOP 10 Part.1 – #3 날개 (Wings) Korean Version.
  • [2017.03.12] KPOP Star Season 6 TOP 10 Part.1 – #2 Crazy in Love
  • [2017.03.27] KPOP Star Season 6 TOP 6 – #3 Runaway Baby
  • [2017.04.03] KPOP Star Season 6 TOP 4 – #2 Something (MINARI)
  • [2017.10.14] 언니는 살아있다 OST – #1 Loveholic

Minju’s Filmography

the ark jeon minju

The former leader of The ARK, Jeon Minju’s filmography is comprised of her appearances in one of the biggest survival programs titled K-POP STAR. Many famous idols have taken part in this show with three judges from three different companies, namely JYP, YG, and ACUBE. Among the idols who have taken part in this show are Lee Hi, Akdong Musician, Kim Se Jeong, and many more.

So in which season did Minju participate in the show? Let’s check them out bellow~!

K-POP STAR Season 2 in 2012

This was her first appearance ever in the Korean Music industry. Her talent had already caught the attention of the public, especially her amazing dancing ability.

Here are some of her performances and appearances on the show:

Introduction and Performance

Unaired performance

Back Stage Interview

K-POP STAR Season 6 in 2016

After the news of the disbandment of The Ark, Minju decided to take part in another season of K-POP STAR. But this time, her singing was improved a lot and her dancing skills were still as amazing as they were in the previous season. But sadly, she didn’t make into the final.

Jeon Minju’s Latest News and Updates

the ark jeon minju

Minju Loss Weight Drastically?

Back in 2016, the former leader of The Ark, Jeon Minju, lost 10 pounds in just 10 days during the K-POP STAR season 6.

While competing in the first round, the judge told her that her dance moves look dull and not powerful due to her body shape at the time. After hearing the comment that she was too heavy, Minju cried. The comment must have hit hurt her feelings really bad, which is why she then started to do an extreme diet right away.

minju the ark leader diet

After losing about 10 pounds, Minju returned for the round 2 of K-POP STAR. When first YG saw her on the stage, he didn’t even recognize her due to the drastic change that her weight loss had made on her appearance.

All the judges eventually realized that it was Minju, who had lost a lot of weight. Minju mentioned that she wants to get good feedback about her weight this time. She claimed that not only she lost some weight, but Minju also upgraded her dancing skills in order to impress the judges.

jeon minju the ark leader diet
minju the ark leader diet

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