Jeon Mi-seon Profile and Facts (Husband, Family, Drama and Facts)

List of Jeon Mi-seon’s Dramas, Movies, and Theater Shows

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As explained previously, Jeon Mi-seon is often seen starring in many famous dramas as the supporting role. Her work portfolio includes impressive filmography such as East of Eden, King of Baking, Kim Takgu, Ojakgyo Family, School 2015, and Love in the Moonlight. Aside from dramas and movies, Jeon Mi-seon also starred in theater shows, including one that ran for five years. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series, films, and theater shows that Jeon Mi-seon has starred and appeared in.

1986, MBC: MBC Best Theater: What Is Santa Claus? (supporting role)

1988, KBS1: Land (supporting role as Lee Bong-soon)

1988, MBC: Encounter (supporting role)

1989-2002, MBC: Country Diaries (supporting role as Sook-yi)

1990, KBS2: Years of Ambition (supporting role)

1990: Well, Let’s Look at the Sky Sometimes (main role as Eun-kyung)

1991: Theresa’s Lover (supporting role as Jin-hee)

1991, KBS2: West Wind (supporting role)

1991, MBC: Eyes of Dawn (supporting role as Oh Soon-ae)

1992, SBS: To Give Over Campfire (main role as Kang Soo-hee)

1993: No Emergency Exit (supporting role as Eun-ji)

1994, MBC: Eldest Sister (supporting role)

1994: Sado Sade Impotence (supporting role as Young-mi)

1994: The Young Man (supporting role as Jin-yi)

1996, KBS2: Until We Can Love (supporting role as Lee Yoo-mi)

1996, KBS2: Drama Game: Stronger Than Death (supporting role as Mo-ran)

1996, MBC: MBC Best Theater: Sallie and Suzie (main role as Suzie)

1998, MBC: MBC Best Theater: A Laxative Society (supporting role as the unmarried woman)

1998, KBS2: Hometown Legends: Gokseong Tomb (supporting role)

1999, MBC: MBC Best Theater: Destiny (supporting role as Madam Kang)

1998: Christmas in August (supporting role as Ji-won)

2000, KBS1: Emperor Wang Gun (supporting role as Queen Sinmyeongsunseong, Emperor Wang Gun’s third wife)

2001: Bungee Jumping of Their Own (supporting role as Seo In-woo’s wife)

2002, MBC: Miss Mermaid (supporting role as Jin Sun-mi)

2002, SBS: Rustic Period (supporting role as Park Gye-sook)

2003, SBS: Screen (supporting role as Park Joo-young)

2003, KBS1: Briar Flower (main role as Kim Soo-ok)

2003: Memories of Murder (supporting role as Kwak Seol-young)

2004: A Wacky Switch (supporting role as Lee Dong-hwa’s ex-wife)

2005: Love Is a Crazy Thing (main role as Eo-jin)

2006: Mission Sex Control (main role as Soon-yi)

2006: Jang Hyejin’s “Let’s Not Meet Again” music video

2006, KBS2: Hwang Jin Yi (supporting role as Jin Hyun-geum)

2006, SBS: My Love (supporting role as Jang Mi-ran’s coworker)

2008: BA:BO (supporting role as Seung-ryong’s mother)

2008, MBC: East of Eden (supporting role as Lee Jung-ja, Gi-soon’s mother )

2009: City of Damnation (Park Jong-ki’s wife)

2009: This Sunday (supporting role)

2009: Mother (supporting role as Mi-seon)

2009: The Executioner (supporting role as Yoon-sun)

2009, KBS2: The Accidental Couple / That Fool (supporting role as Cha Yun-kyung)

2009-2014: Our Mother, 3 Days and 2 Nights (supporting role as the daughter, Mi-young) (Theater)

2009: No Suicides Allowed in Spring (supporting role) (Theater)

2010, KBS2: King of Baking, Kim Takgu (supporting role as Kim Mi-sun)

2010: Wedding Dress (supporting role as Ji-hye)

2010, SBS: Running Man (guest on episodes 113 and 158)

2011: Funny Neighbors (supporting role as Jo Mi-ra)

2011: A Piano On the Sea (supporting role)

2011, MBC: Royal Family (supporting role as Im Yoon-seo)

2011, KBS2: Ojakgyo Family / Ojakgyo Brothers (supporting role as Kim Mi-sook, Tae-shik’s old school friend)

2011, Channel CGV: Little Girl K (supporting role as Cha In-sook)

2011, KBS2: Poseidon (guest role as Park Min-jung)

2012, MBC: Moon Embracing the Sun (supporting role as Shaman Jang Nok-young)

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2012, MBC: The Thousandth Man (supporting role as Goo Mi-seon)

2012, SBS: Five Fingers (supporting role as Song Nam-joo)

2013: Hide and Seek (main role as Min-ji)

2013, KBS2: Pure Love (main role as Kim Sun-mi)

2013, SBS: Passionate Love (main role as Yang Eun-sook)

2014, KBS2: The Full Sun / Beyond the Clouds (supporting role as Baek Nan-joo)

2015, JTBC: More Than a Maid (supporting role as Lady Yoon)

2015, KBS2: Who Are You: School 2015 (supporting role as Song Mi-kyung, Eun-byul’s mother)

2015, SBS: The Return of Hwang Geum-bok (supporting role as Hwang Eun-sil)

2015, tvN: Reply 1988 (guest role as the adult Sung Bo-ra)

2015, SBS: Six Flying Dragons (supporting role as Yeon Hyang, Boon-yi’s and Dang-sae’s mother)

2016, KBS1: The Unusual Family (supporting role as Shim Soon-ae)

2016, JTBC: Abnormal Summit: Season 2 (guest on episode 171)

2016, JTBC: Mirror of the Witch (supporting role as Ms. Son, Heo-jun’s stepmother)

2016, KBS2: Love in the Moonlight (supporting role as Lady Park / Royal Consort Suk Ui in the late 30’s)

2016: The Last Ride (supporting role as Go-hwan’s mother)

2016: Muhan Company (supporting role as the nurse)

2016: Kidnapping Assemblyman Mr. Clean (main role as Hee-kyung)

2017: My Last Love (main role as Hwa-yeon)

2017, tvN: Chicago Typewriter (supporting role as Madam Sophia, Jeon-seol’s mother)

2017, MBC: Lookout / The Guardians (supporting role as Park Yoon-hee)

2017, KBS1: Andante (supporting role as Shi-kyung’s mother)

2017, KBS2: Witch at Court (supporting role as Go Jae-suk, Jin-wook’s mother)

2017, KBS2: Love Returns (supporting role as Gil Eun-jung)

2018, MBC: The Great Seducer (supporting role as Seol Young-won, Tae-hee’s mother)