Full Profile of Jeon Jun-hyeok: Name, Birthday, Age, Height, Weight and Facts

jeon junhyeok

The Child Korean Actor Jeon Jun-hyeok

Starting his career at the very young age of 4, it is not exaggerating to say that Jeon Jun-hyeok may be considered the future of the Korean cinema and television drama industry. Seeing how he has acted as a supporting role on popular television series such as Boys Over Flowers in 2009, The Slave Hunters in 2010, and Good Doctor and My Love from the Star in 2013, Jeon Jun-hyeok certainly has learned the importance of acting from his seniors in the field. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Jeon Jun-hyeok, which includes his full profile and a list of his films and dramas. So, keep reading!

Jeon Jun-hyeok’s Full Profile

jeon junhyeok

Birth Name: Jeon Jun-hyeok

Date of Birth: July 22, 2003, in Seoul, South Korea

Age: 16 (Korean age) / 15 (International age)

Occupation: Actor and Model

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Chinese Astrology: Sheep

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 140 cm

Weight: 30 kg

Jeon Jun-hyeok’s Drama and Movie List

jeon junhyeok

As has been explained at the beginning, Jeon Jun-hyeok is a child actor in South Korea whose acting portfolio is impressive. It is proven that he has starred in more than ten television dramas since his debut in 2007. In addition, Jeon Jun-hyeok has acted in dramas alongside popular actors and actresses such as Lee Min-ho, Goo Hye-sun, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Soo-hyun, and Jun Ji-hyun. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of movies and television series that Jeon Jun-hyeok has starred in.

2007 – KBS1’s Hometown over the Hill (as Han Bo-ram)

2007 – MBC’s My Life’s Golden Age

2008 – MBC’s I Love You, Don’t Cry

2008 – SBS’s Star’s Lover

2009 – KBS2’s Boys Over Flowers

2009 – KBS2’s My Too Perfect Sons (as a kindergarten kid)

2009 – Fly, Penguin

2009 – Maternity (Dankook University Short Film)

2009 – White Night

2010 – Cafe Seoul

2010 – KBS2’s The Slave Hunters (as Crown Prince Sohyeon’s son)

2011 – JTBC’s Queen Insoo (as the child version of Prince Jinsung)

2012 – MBC’s Feast of the Gods (as the child version of Ha In-woo)

2012 – JTBC’s Cruel Palace – War of Flowers (as Prince Kyungsun)

2013 – KBS2’s Good Doctor (as Park Yi-on)

2013 – MBC’s Golden Rainbow (as the child version of Kim Man-won)

2013 – SBS’s My Love from the Star / You Who Came from the Star (Cameo as an elementary school boy in episode 5)

2013 – JTBC’s Can We Fall in Love, Again? (as Han Tae-guk)

2014 – KBS2’s Trot Lovers (Cameo as the sibling on the beach in episode 12)

2014 – MBC’s Mama (as Kim Han-se)