Jeon Hyo-sung with Park Kyung-ri in ‘Knowing Bros’

Let’s Watch Sexy Icon Idol Jeon Hyo-sung and Park Kyung-ri’s appearance in Knowing Bros

Jeon Hyo-sung and Park Kyung-ri made a memorable appearance in the popular show Knowing Bros. They were engaged in all the segments of the show and presented the audiences with quite the performance. Keep scrolling and reading this article if you want a detailed illustration of their appearance in the show.

First Appearance

Knowing Bros members were busy talking with each other about their new school motto. Suddenly, the sexy icon of female idols entered the set. As soon as Jeon Hyo-sung and Park Kyung-ri entered the set, all the men stopped talking and focused on the new guests. They clapped almost instinctively and smiled widely.

Jeon Hyo-sung introduced herself and said, “I am Cho Cho Cho Bagel girl transfer student, Jeon Hyo-sung.” The supposed innocent and pure Min Kyung-hoon asked her about the reason she is called beigel girl. Jeon Hyo-sung answered, “I am the living Beigel girl.” Lee Soo-geun came up with the right answer to Min Kyung-hoon’s question. He said that beigel stands for baby face and glamorous body. It was Jeon Hyo-sung’s famous nickname.

Hyosung’s questions for Knowing Bros Cast Members

Jeon Hyo-sung asked all of the cast members about the sexiest part of her body? Knowing Bros cast members were quite surprised by her questions. Apparently, they already knew the answer but were too shy to say it out loud. They pretended that they didn’t hear the question or pretended to do other things. As we all know, Jeon Hyo-sung is known for her sexy charm and most importantly, her glamorous body.

Kim Hee-chul was the first person to answer. Stuttering, he said, “Thighs.” It was wrong. Min Kyun-hoon answered, “Waist.” It was wrong as well. However, all members gave lots of answers. Finally, Seo Jang-hoon answered, “Brain.” He was right. All the cast members were disappointed with the correct answer. Apparently, their imagination and Jeon Hyo-sung’s imagination were completely different.

Jeon Hyo-sung asked all cast members regarding her ideal man type. However, her male preference was clearly visible from the start. Kim Young-chul answered correctly at the first try. He said that her ideal type is Min Kyung-hoon. Perhaps it was visible from the earlier segment that she had sided with Min Kyung Hoon. She was embarrassed by the sudden revelation. Min Kyung-hoon looked extremely happy when he heard the answer. He said that he has never been chosen as the ideal type before. Later, he looked at her passionately and said, “Give me your number.”

Later, Min Kyung-hoon said that he prefers Jeon Hyo-sung over Park Kyung-ri because Jeon Hyo-sung has a “dog” character while Park Kyung-ri has a “cat” character. Jokingly, Lee Soo-geun said, “Then raise a dog instead.”

For the next question, Jeon Hyo-sung asked: “What kind of things am I into these days?” Jokingly, Kang Ho-dong said, “Plastic surgery.” Jeon Hyo-sung was surprised when she heard his answer and said that Kang Ho-dong deserved to be hit. She said she had been waiting for the moment. Jeon Hyo-sung revealed that she was afraid of Kang Ho-dong when shooting Starking with him.

Kang Ho-dong was the main host of Starking and he was strict and scary with all of the guests. What hurt her most is that Kang Ho-dong took care of younger guests like Twice and BTS well but neglected her answer. To make matters worse, Kim Hee-chul revealed that his Super Junior friend and Starking co-host, Lee Teuk, was also afraid of talking with Kang Ho-dong.

In order to get her revenge, she stood on Min Kyung-hoon’s desk and hit Kang Ho-dong with full force. After hitting him, Jeon Hyo-sung said that she felt relieved and satisfied.

After several wrong answers, Lee Sang-min answered correctly. He answered, “Sleep.” Jeon Hyo-sung confessed that lately due to tight schedules, she couldn’t sleep much and she slept for a long time when there were no schedules.

Challenge Wearing Trousers

In the “Guess The Answer” segment, Park Kyung-ri asked all the cast members about the thing she does when bored. At first, all cast members gave wrong answers. However, Jeon Hyo-sung answered correctly. Her favorite pastime activity is wearing pants without hands.

Apparently, she already prepared pants and showed the cast members the way to do it. First, she removed her shoes and little by little put her feet inside the pants. As she put her feet inside the pants, she slid them to each end until her feet come out at the end of the pants. When she did it, it was as if she was doing ice skating.

After her feet came out of the pants, she jumped and squatted several times until all parts of her lower body fit perfectly into her pants. The guys were amazed by the way she did it. Amazingly, Park Kyung-ri did it within less than 30 seconds.

Later, Park Kyung-ri challenged the Knowing Bros members and Jeon Hyu-sung to do it. She prepared a huge present for the winner. In the first group, Kang Ho-dong, Jeon Hyo-sung, Lee Sang-min, and Min Kyung-hoon competed to be selected as the fastest person to wear pants without using hands. To everyone’s surprise, it was Jeon Hyo-sung that was the fastest person.

Kim Hee-chul, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Young-chul, and Seo Jang-hoon competed in the second group. They did everything possible to put their pants in without hands. They even used chairs to pull up the pants. Lee Soo-geun and So Jang-hoon tried hard and ended up cramping their legs. In the end, Kim Hee-chul came out as the winner of the second group.

In the final round, Park Kyung-ri as the game initiator competed with Kim Hee-chul and Jeon Hyo-sung as the winner of the first and the second group. Kim Young-chul joined as the fourth person.

From the beginning, it was a tight match between Jeon Hyo-sung and Park Kyung-ri. They were on another level compared to Kim Hee-chul and Kim Young-chul. Both of them could slide their legs easily but they were having difficulties and putting the pants all the way to their hips. The pans got stuck at their buttocks.

However, they all did their best in any way possible. Kang Ho-dong said that it was a very unique segment. Throughout the 24 years of participating in TV programs, he had never seen this kind of segment. In the end, a draw was decided between Park Kyung-ri and Jeon Hyo-sung.

Since the present was meant to be given to a man, Park Kyung-ri gave the present to Kim Young-chul as the most struggling person in the competition. The present was a pair of pajamas that match with Park Kyung-ri’s pajamas.