Get to Know Jeon Hye-jin (1976): Profile, Husband, Filmography, etc.

Her Marriage with Lee Sun-kyun


On April 11, 2009, Lee Sun-kyun held a press conference in the Shilla Hotel and announced that on May 23, 2009, he would be marrying his fiancee, actress Jeon Hye-jin, who was already five weeks pregnant at the time.

When he was asked about how he felt, he answered, “I’m so nervous, happy, and thankful. I’m deeply sorry for causing a fuss and even holding a press conference regarding a personal wedding.” Then he was asked about the reason for Jeon Hye-jin’s absence and why he suddenly decided to marry, and he revealed, “Jeon Hye Jin is at home right now; we did rock-paper-scissors and I lost, so I showed up alone (laughter).” and continued “It’s not sudden; we were thinking of getting married within the year anyway. The reason it was decided was that last year when we considered marriage, we became anxious and felt like we were going through puberty. So we decided to cool off and have some time alone, but that’s when my girlfriend blocked off communication and went off traveling. During that time, I got worried and uneasy. The thought that arose at that time was that I can’t separate from [her]. Although I think it was a passionate relationship from love at first sight, I also thought that we’ve also had a sweet, harmonious relationship for six and a half years, and I can’t break up with her. I laughed while thinking that and also thought that I’m going to have to marry her.

He also confessed that Jeon Hye-jin was an actress that he really liked during his university years, adding that he felt honored that he was able to marry an actress that he liked the most. He was also asked what attracted him to Jeon Hye-jin, and he shared “[She has] an honest, unaffected personality and a solid character. She’s prettiest when she smiles.”


After six years of dating, on May 23, 2009, Lee Sun-kyun and Jeon Hye-jin got married. The wedding ceremony was officiated by the head pastor of Segyero (World Vision Community) Church. As Lee Sun-kyun’s close friends, Actor Oh Man-seok and Hong Sung-bo were the evening’s MCs for the wedding.

Tearliner, Zitten, and Kim Chang-wan (who played Mr. Hong in Coffee Prince) sung some congratulatory songs for them and actor Lee Sang-woo made the congratulatory speech.

They planned to postpone their honeymoon until late summer in that year, following Lee Sung-kyun’s schedule to complete his current drama the time, Triple. Jeon Hye Jin was 11 weeks pregnant with the couple’s first child. Some guests who attended the marriage included Chae Jung-an, Kim Ji-woo, Yoon Eun-hye, Hong Kyung-min, Hong Rok-gi, and Kim Su-ro.


In an interview with a local media agency on Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015, Lee Sun-kyun was asked about his marriage, and he revealed that he just realized how hard it is to raise kids. He went on to say, “My relationship with my wife is becoming more stable as we go into five years of marriage.

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