All You Need to Know About Jeon Hye-bin’s Love Life

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Jeon Hye-bin’s Love Life

Jeon Hye-bin is an actress, singer and model who was born in September 27, 1983. Her talent has made her a famous entertainer in South Korea. Were not here to talk about her talent, though, instead, we’re gonna talk about her love life.

Wanna know more? Channel Korea introduces you to Jeon Hye-bin and her love life!

Jeon Hye-bin’s Dating Issues

Jeon Hye-bin

Jeon Hye-bin once stated that the actor Yoo Seung-ho had a crush on her, Yoo Seung-ho’s manager had told her, himself, and it took her by surprise. Jeon Hye-bin said that she met him when he was in ninth grade.

Jeon Hye-bin’s relationship with Lee Joon-gi must be one of the important dating scandals that we’re going to talk about. After denying their relationship for a long time, Jeon Hye-bin and Lee Joon-gi finally admitted their relationship in April of 2017, but they had been dating for two years at that point. Jeon Hye-bin said that the reason the couple kept their relationship a secret for so long was because they didn’t want to hurt any feelings among their fans.

Jeon Hye-bin

At first, Jeon Hye-bin didn’t think that they’d be a good match, because of their differences, but the more she knew Lee Joon-gi, the more she fell for him. Sources close to the couple say that that they also have a lot in common.

Unfortunately, they ended up splitting, because of their busy schedules. Some sources have also suggested that Jeon Hye-bin was a target for anger from Lee Joon-gi’s fans, because they thought she didn’t deserve to be with Lee Joon-gi. Most people think it’s a shame that they broke up, but are glad the couple has stayed good friends.

Is Jeon Hye-bin Married?

Jeon Hye-bin

After the news about the break-up with Lee Joon-gi, there’s hasn’t been any hints that she may be dating again. Jeon Hye-bin once said that she thought she’d be getting married around the age she is now, but there aren’t any prospects o her horizon, as far as fans know. She’s also said that she wants to work a lot before she gets married, so maybe she is still mostly career-focused.

Well, she may not be married yet, but, Jeon Hye-bin once released her ‘wedding’ announcement with On Joo-hwan in a picture and posted it on her social media, which shocked her fans.

Jeon Hye-bin

It turns out it was just a joke, Jeon Hye-bin and On Joo-hwan were wearing the wedding clothes as costumes for My Love By My Side. On her Twitter, Jeon Hye-bin said “I got married. Sorry I am announcing it like this. I’m revealing it because it will all come out anyway. Give us your blessings,”.

Well, just pray for her to get married, for real, really soon with the guy that she’s been hoping for someday!