Jeon Do-yeon’s Profile and Facts

2001 – I Wish I Had a Wife (Main Role as Jung Won-joo)

2002 – No Blood No Tears (Main Role as Soo-jin)

2002 – Music Video of The Name’s The Name (along with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Ryu Seung-bum)

2002 – SBS Shoot for the Stars (Main Role as Han So-ra)

2003 – Untold Scandal (Main Role as Lady Jeong)

2004 – My Mother, the Mermaid (Main Role as Kim Na-young / Jo Yeon-soon)

2005 – You Are My Sunshine (Main Role as Eun-ha)

2005 – SBS Lovers in Prague (Main Role as Yoon Jae-hee)

2007 – Secret Sunshine (Main Role as Lee Shin-ae)

2008 – My Dear Enemy (Main Role as Hee-soo)

2008 – SBS On Air (Cameo as Herself on episode 2)

2010 – The Housemaid (Main Role as Eun-yi)

2011 – Countdown (Main Role as Cha Ha-yeon)

2013 – Way Back Home (Main Role as Song Jeong-yeon)

2015 – The Shameless (Main Role as Kim Hye-kyung)

2015 – Memories of the Sword (Main Role as Seol-rang / Wallso)

2016 – A Man and a Woman (Main Role as Sang-min)

2016 – tvN The Good Wife (Main Role as Kim Hye-kyung)

2018 – Birthday (Main Role as Soon Nam)

Jeon Do-yeon in The Good Wife

jeon doyeon

Have more often starred in films for more than a decade, Jeon Do-yeon finally made her television comeback by starring in a remake of the American television drama The Good Wife, which was broadcast on the cable channel tvN. In this drama, Jeon Do-yeon played Kim Hye-kyung, the wife of brilliant prosecutor Lee Tae-joon (starred by actor Yoo Ji-tae) who is involved in a sex tape scandal. As a result, Kim Hye-kyung, who for the past few years has been the full-time housewife, has to work as a lawyer in order to back up the financials of her family consisting of her two children. Reportedly, Jeon Do-yeon made approximately KRW 90 million or $ 76,900 per episode of The Good Wife. This would make Jeon Do-yeon’s  the highest-paid cable star, beating out other A-list actresses such as Kim Hye-soo, Choi Ji-woo, and Park Bo-young. Following the news, Jeon Do-yeon’s agency and tvN claimed that Jeon Do-yeon’s actual paycheck is much lower than what the media outlets have reported. However, they cannot exactly tell the public how much Jeon Do-yeon earns for confidentiality reasons.