All About Actress Lee Mi-young, Who Is Ex-T-ara Member Jeon Boram’s Mother

Lee Mi-young’s Daughter, Ex T-ara Member Jeon Bo-ram

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As we know, Lee Mi-young has 2 daughters from her first marriage with Jeon Yeong-rok, a Korean rock singer. Their daughters are known to also be working in entertainment industry. Her first daughter, Jeon Bo-ram is best known as a member of popular girl group, T-ara. But unfortunately, Bo-ram decided not to renew her contract with MBK entertainment, and chose to leave the group. However, the rest of the members lately chose to not sign the new contract, thus left the group. This was confirmed by a source at MBK, clarifying that the group had left the company, however they did not state that the group had disbanded.

Jeon Bo-ram herself is the oldest member of the group, yet has the smallest body compared to the other members. But it doesn’t stop her from being a part of the group and sometimes the first one to be recognized by fans. It might be because her mother is also an actress who appeared in many roles and shows. They also have a close relationship, but only meet in a while since they have tight schedules.

In 2010, before Chuseok (annual celebration and public holiday in Korea), this mother and daughter couple were seen wearing Hanbok (traditional clothes of Korean) together. They also got interviewed, and were asked about how they manage their relationship in busy schedule.

Boram said that, after becoming a part of T-ara, it’s been hard for Boram to meet up with her mother as often, and it had been a while this they saw each other. Throughout the interview, the two bonded closely.

Lee Mi-young said, on her daughter’s success, that “everything is good,” and it makes her feel very proud when she sees Boram on stage, she said, with a heartwarming smile.¬† Lee Mi-young described her style as “very comfortable,” she said laughing. She said that Boram’s is weak and soft, but different on stage.

When I saw her succeeding, it was bittersweet. “A mother’s hand was not there when it was most needed,” she said, “Her being able to pull this off on her own, I’m thankful to have a strong daughter,” she said, in tears.

Boram was born to a famous family. Lee Mi-young’s former husband was Jeon Youngrok, a famous singer. Together the couple had two daughters and a sturdy place to live, but divorced in 1997. Boram and her sister were mostly in the hands of their father, and Boram didn’t get to see her mother as much as she wished when she was a child.

Boram said, “The other members of T-ara really want their mothers to visit the dorm but they can’t because our schedules are packed and we have other things to do. I ask my mom to come to our dorm a lot, but she often has to tell me, ‘I’m busy,’ because she is busy with her schedule as well.”

Her sister, mother and herself will all be together for Chuseok this year. Because of that, her whole family has a positive attitude. “Chuseok seems to be the day I can rest,” Boram said, stating it’s one of the first holidays she’s received since debuting with T-ara. “Since debut, I have long-awaited for me to be together with my sister and mother again.. I’m thinking I need career counseling,” she said laughing.

Boram also wish someone good will accompany her mother and not make her feel lonely anymore. “I hope my mother meets a good man. A man who can be really good only to her. I hope nothing but that.“, she said.

While Lee Mi-young wishes that her family was cited with good healthy and happiness.

“This is the first time I’ve seen Boram put in situations like she is now. Things will only get tougher later on, but I wish that Boram will keep going for her dreams no matter what passes by. We all got to be happy.”

What do you think about their relationship? Wishing Bo ram and her mother, Lee Mi-young, a better future and for them to always love each other!