Are You a #JenYong Shipper? Check Out NCT’s Taeyong and Blackpink’s Jennie’s Best Moments!

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The Cute Couple Ship Chosen by Fans: The Sweetest Moments Between NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Among K-Pop idols in South Korea, it’s very common for the fans to come up with their own couple ships. They come up from different boy groups and girl groups, or they can also be made up from certain actors or actresses, as well. Even though those couples aren’t dating at all, their fans think that their idols look great together! It leads them to make couple ships, just like the fans who wished NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie to be a couple in real life!

Taeyong and Jennie came up from different agencies. They also rarely meet, or if they do meet, it’s accidentally. People only recognize their little interactions through their attendance at some of the same events, but they were in love with their interaction, after all! A lot of NCTzens and BLINKs also thought that Taeyong and Jennie look good together, and they wonder if the two of them might get together one day. Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about #JenYongCouple, so stay tuned!

Meet Jenyong, Fans’ Favorite #NCTPINK Ship

Fans started to realize that NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie might look cute together when the rumor of their dating started spreading. They also started to look for evidence to prove that Jennie and Taeyong’s romance was real.

The fans have even given them a cute nickname, #JenYoung couple! Also, if you were looking for their togetherness on the internet, you can find a lot of fan-made pictures of #JenYoung couple. The fans can also find the times when Taeyong and Jennie were accidentally using the same stuff, and they made it look like couple stuff, as well!

Let’s take a look at some fan-made pictures of NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie here:

We can see that mostly the fan-made pictures looked real, right? It also made the fans imagine how it would be if Taeyong and Jennie were dating in real life! Moreover, there’s also fan-made pictures which showed that Taeyong and Jennie were holding hands together. Such a cute picture!

You can watch some of fan-made videos of NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie here:

Well, what do you guys think about those fan-made pictures and videos?

Netizen’s Reactions

As we have said before, mostly NCTzens and BLINKs have loved the possible romance between NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie! No wonder there’s a lot of fan-made pictures and fan-made videos, as well! Due to those fan-mades, we could conclude that many people have been wishing that Taeyong and Jennie could be a couple in real life!

Even though they made the pictures and videos just for fun, they were still supporting Taeyong and Jennie as always, even though one day they might find their own spouses, as well! Here are some of netizen’s reactions towards NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s possible romance and the fan-mades:

“I really ship them, and this is look real”

“I ship them so hard!”

“Beautiful couple”

“Perfect imagine couple!”

“A multitalented couple goals”

“I miss #JenYong”

“Jennie looks good with Taeyong. Both visuals!”

“#JenYong feels exploded”

And many more!

Proof of Their Togetherness

There’s also some evidence from netizens that NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie might be dating in real life. Through one of the K-Pop fans’ forums, the netizens revealed some evidence suggesting that Taeyong and Jennie were showing some gestures and clues that they actually dating.

It was revealed from the way Taeyong and Jennie were looking at each other, couple stuff, and more. However, the netizens couldn’t really explain the truth behind it all. Other netizens also commented that it was only a rumor, after all. Even though Taeyong and Jennie might be using the same stuff, it was only a coincidence. From different angle, people could see that Jennie and Taeyong weren’t exactly looking at each other.

From the picture above, we can see that the netizens thought that Jennie and Taeyong were secretly looking at each other. However, it could also caused by the angle the picture was taken at and where they were sitting.Their fans also knew that Jennie and Taeyong were caught using some of the same stuff, as well, but it was just a coincidence, according to their assumptions.

Even though there have been no official statements that NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie were dating, some people still believe that they are actually together. It’s no wonder, since Taeyong and Jennie indeed look great together! Due to their cuteness, the fans also believe that Taeyong and Jennie would be a cute and cheerful couple, as well.

Not only that, the main reason why people started to ship them was because they have often been seen wearing some of the same stuff! At certain events, both Taeyong and Jennie looked like they were glancing at each other. Then, when the fans started to make their own fan-mades of Taeyong and Jennie, the desire to see them as a real couple just got bigger.

Taeyong and Jennie’s Moments and Interaction

Now that we’ve seen their fan-made pictures and videos, let’s look for some real interactions between NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie! What would it be? Let’s find out the answer, here!

We can see their little interactions through certain events where BLACKPINK and NCT both came as the invited guests. Mostly, their moments have happened through awards events where they came up on the same stage! Not only that, we could also seen the tiny interaction when BLACKPINK and NCT were sitting right next to each other at certain events, as well!


That was all of the information about #JenYongCouple! Even though we know that Taeyong and Jennie aren’t dating at all, still we have to agree that they were looking cute together, right? It seems like if they really started dating one day, a lot of their fans would be really happy and excited, as well! Let’s always support both Taeyong and Jennie, and hope to see them as a real couple in the future!

And also, don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about them! You can leave a comment down below about your favorite couple ship among K-Pop idols.