Jennie Kim vs Krystal Jung: Comparing EXO’s Kai’s Past Girlfriends

Jennie Kim & Krystal Jung

EXO’s Kai, the Cassanova

EXO’s Kai used to have a relationship with Krystal Jung from f(x). They were a romantic couple for the past 2 years, but, unfortunately, they decided to break up due to their busy schedules.

And, at the beginning of 2019, EXO’s Kai amazed us again with his new girlfriend, Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK! Well, seems like EXO’s Kai found out his ideal type both in Krystal Jung and Jennie Kim. Their love story also was caught by Dispatch.

This is Krystal Jung when she was caught with EXO’s Kai!

And this is Jennie Kim while she was caught up with EXO’s Kai!

Well, came from the same industry, both of them also from a girl group, but both Krystal Jung and Jennie Kim have their own charm! Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you to the beautiful Krystal Jung and Jennie Kim with the comparison of them!

From f(x)’s Krystal to BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Does EXO’s Kai Have a Type?

First of all, let’s compare their classy style!

Krystal Jung From f(x)

1. Fashion Week Style

As one of the famous and stylish female idol, Krystal Jung must’ve been attending a lot of fashion event, such as fashion week, a product released event and many more! So, how’s Krystal Jung classy style looked like?

2. Stunning In Black Outfits

Krystal Jung looked so beautiful with a simple long dress with the statement earrings!

3. Krystal Jung’s Casual Style

These must’ve been everyone’s favorite style from Krystal Jung! Krystal Jung was proven us that casual style never died, just looked at her beautiful style below!

4. Krystal Jung’s Airport Fashion

While she was in the airport, Krystal Jung showed us his preppy chic style using a black skirt, wool vest with a white shirt, and long black stocking.

5. Krystal Jung’s Style on Stage

Seems like Krystal Jung was more into simple casual style! On the stage, Krystal Jung was looking beautiful with the minimalist style using denim jacket, white satin blouse, and the aesthetic turquoise pants!


Jennie Kim From BLACKPINK

1. Fashion Week Style

Jennie Kim also famously known as the most stylish member in BLACKPINK, she was mostly seen using the famous brand outfit such as Chanel, Gucci, and many more. Let’s see her style while attending fashion week!

2. Gorgeous In Black Outfits

If Krystal Jung was looking beautiful with simple black dress, Jennie Kim was looking pretty in sheer-lace black dress with the cool belt!

3. Jennie Kim’s Casual Style

How about Jennie Kim’s casual style! She looks so nice in the basic white T-shirt and ripped jeans, with that cute messy hair bun!

4. Jennie Kim’s Airport Fashion

Even though she was just walking on the airport, Jennie Kim always looked chic and stylish!

5. Jennie Kim’s Style on Stage

Jennie Kim was one of the stylish member in BLACKPINK, and mostly people were curious about her style, especially while on the stage. Jennie Kim mostly looking cute and feminine with skirt and a lot of accessories!

How about their ideal type of a guy?

Krystal Jung From f(x)

Well, how about Krystal Jung’s ideal type? Most of Krystal Jung’s fans knew that Krystal Jung really adore the American actor, Johnny Depp. “He’s masculine. He plays character who have their own personalities. And I think the aura he has is different,”. Seems like Johnny Depp was one of the ideal type of Krystal Jung!

But also, Krystal Jung was revealed her own ideal type of a guy. She said that she loved a guy who looks good in horn-rimmed glasses, a white shirt, jeans and black hair while being funny, and also having their own different fragrance.


Jennie Kim From BLACKPINK

In one occasion, to be exact, in an episode of Village Survival The Eight, Jennie Kim once revealed about things from a guy that made her heart was pounding. There are some answers from that, and it was when a guy remembering and did a thing that he ever said in the past when a guy has heard her when she was talking with full attention when a guy was offering his jacket in cold weather.

And also hen a guy was hinder the sunlight for her using his hands in a sunny day, and the last is when a guy was walking slowly to equalizing Jennie Kim’s speed when she was walking with high heels. Quite simple yet romantic, right?

Let’s move to their Instagram’s feeds!

Krystal Jung From f(x)

Currently, Krystal Jung already has 7,5M followers in her Instagram account, @vousmevoyez. Let’s check out her Instagram feeds!







Jennie Kim From BLACKPINK

Currently, Jennie Kim has already hit 12,4M followers on her Instagram, @jennierubyjane. Let’s check out her Instagram feeds!