Get To Know N.Flying’s Jdon: From His Collaboration With AOA’s Jimin To Being the Multi-Talented Leader of N.Flying

J.Don’s Filmography

In addition to having the ability to sing and make songs, J.Don also has excellent acting skills. He has starred in dramas and web dramas several times; his acting ability has always received praise from many people.

In 2017, J.Don starred in the drama Save Me which was aired by OCN for a total of 16 episodes. In the drama, J.Don only acts as a supporting cast as a violent student. The drama Save Me tells the story of four young men, who don’t have jobs, face a woman in an alley. The woman says, “Save me.” The woman is involved with a religious group.

Then in 2019, J.Don starred in the drama Best Chicken aired by the MBN channel for a total of 12 episodes. In the drama Best Chicken, J.Don plays Park Joon-hyuk. This drama tells about a woman who wants to become a web writer, but she struggles to accomplish her dream and quits her job working for a big company. Looks like a place to open a chicken restaurant.

In 2019, reporting from Soompi, J.Don starred in another web drama. J.Don has been confirmed to appear in the web drama Happy That This Is An All-Male High School (literal title). The drama is a comedy about two male high school students who experience growth through their experiences with each other. Lee Seung-hyub will be playing the cynical Han Sung-bong, who lives up to the instability of his future.

J.Don’s Latest News

There is no recent news about Lee Seung-hyub or J.Don. For now, he is busy with individual schedules and is preparing for the next project with N.Flying. If you want to find out more about Lee Seung-hyub’s activities, you can follow his personal Instagram account @sssn9_zzzn9.

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