JBJ’s Disbandment and the Controversies Surrounding Their Problematic Member Yong-guk

Controversies Surrounding Yong-guk (Long-guo)

Kim Yong-guk, also known as Jin Long-guo, is one of the members of JBJ who had gotten himself surrounded with controversy and gained popularity with the news that drew the attention of the public and his fans.


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Abandoning His Pet

The former member of JBJ, Kim Yong-guk became a hot topic of fans’ discussions because they found out that he abandoned his pet cat. Some of his fans found out that the reason why he abandoned his cat was that it wasn’t a pure-breed cat.

Yong-guk, or Long-guo, was known as a cat lover and he used to upload photos with his cat during the activities with JBJ.


A netizen found out that a stray cat looks really similar to Yong-guk’s cat and they assumed that the member of JBJ abandoned his pet. The cat loved to be around people and walked along the street, but then fans quickly discovered that the photo of the stray cat was indeed Rcy, Yong-guk’s cat.


Seeing the photo of Yong-guk’s cat became a hot topic on the media, and a fan even tried to contact Yong-guk’s agency regarding the stray cat that used to be his pet. He said that an animal shelter is taking care of Rcy but then people came to pick up the cat. The people who are going to take care of Rcy are actually former employees in Yong-guk’s agency.


Rcy was taken care of by other people and Yong-guk fans are still worried about how’s the cat’s condition right now. They asked to see Rcy and a photo of her was uploaded. It appeared like Rcy’s ears were cropped to hide the stamp from the animal shelter.

On the other hand, fans were becoming furious and criticized Yong-guk’s behavior since he abandoned his cat. Yong-guk wasn’t aware of his fans’ reaction and he uploaded a selca on his personal Instagram account @catgoesmeow_ with his new pet cat.


His fans were very angry about the controversy involving the former member of JBJ, Yong-guk, especially, whether he has realized or not that what he has done was wrong. He lied about taking care of his cat, Rcy, but the truth was that a former employee of his agency was actually taking care of the cat the whole time.

The controversy became a hot issue at the time and people kept calling Yong-guk “trash” because he couldn’t take care of his pet and even lied to the public.

Dating Rumors with Sonamoo’s Na-hyun


There’s more and more controversy surrounding Yong-guk in 2018. First, he abandoned his cat and lied to the public that he takes care of his pet, then a piece of news was reported that he actually went on a secret date with a member of a girl group, namely Sonamoo’s Nahyun.


As reported from Allkpop, there are some online communities claiming to have spotted the former member of JBJ, Yong-guk, going on a date with Sonamoo’s Nahyun. On November 9th, 2018, a photo of Yong-guk’s date in public surfaced online as they went at a café and were rumored to be dating each other.

K-Netizens [refers to Korean Netizens] has gathered evidence, such as couples items, photos, and a lot of other things that Yong-guk and Nahyun had in common.


They found evidence of their relationship when Yong-guk and Nahyun wore the same shirt with a heart-shaped logo at the corner. It was a hint that made netizens assume that they are dating each other.


Sonamoo’s Nahyun and Yong-guk also had a couple’s phone case.

Being too obvious, Sonamoo’s Nahyun revealed another hint regarding her secret relationship with Yong-guk by writing a post on her SNS account on Twitter in Chinese and adding a Dragon emoji, which in Korean refers to the name of Yong-guk.


Kim Yong-guk’s fans said that they developed feelings for each other because they shared the same interest in the game Battleground. Sonamoo’s Nahyun was also reported to attend Kim Yong-guk’s fan meeting a few months ago.


A fan also revealed that after the fan meeting ended, the two of them met and went to a restaurant to eat together. Photos of their alleged date surfaced on the internet making fans who read the news even more suspicious about Yong-guk and Nahyun’s relationship.


Yong-guk and Nahyun were caught on a public date after photos of them surfaced on the internet and made their fans surprised. It was very obvious that they date each other seeing their gestures that were obviously showing that they are more than just friends.


The photos of their secret dates were taken around August 2018 at a dessert café in Sincheon and the girl sitting in front of Nahyun is her older sister. Nahyun’s older sister also took a video with her sister during the same day as she was still wearing the same dress in a previous photo, when she was caught on a date with Yong-guk in public.


TS Entertainment as Nahyun’s agency responded to their dating rumor by saying that they actually are close friends who sometimes eat and play games together. Choon Entertainment as Yong-guk’s agency denied the dating rumor about their artist by saying they already talked with Yong-guk regarding his dating rumor with Sonamoo’s Nahyun and he said that they are only colleagues who are cheering on each other’s promotions. The photos of them in a public space were only showing them as close friends.

However, the agencies’ response wasn’t enough to convince the public and the fans as they were still heated about the dating rumor and the previous controversy Yong-guk was involved in.

A few days later, after the controversy had surfaced, Yong-guk wrote a letter to his fans. Here is the letter as translated by Allkpop:

“Hello. This is Kim Yong Guk. First of all, I’d like to sincerely apologize to the fans who’ve been emotionally hurt by my mistakes and careless actions. Though words are not enough to properly ask for your forgiveness, I’m writing this letter to you.

I wanted to post this and apologize on my personal Instagram, but my Instagram account has been hacked so I can’t log in. Please understand why I’m uploading this on my fan cafe instead. I became friends with SONAMOO’s Nahyun after we met several times through gatherings with other acquaintances. I’m sorry for causing many people concern because of this.

It’s true that I gave Rcy away and that I took her back. I’m full of regret about what I did back then, and I’m so sorry for causing her needless suffering. I apologize for causing so many people concern with what I lack in when it comes to caring for my pets. I will not forget the mistakes I made and will learn from it for the rest of my life.

I also deeply regret my actions on my own private Instagram account. As I write this letter, I’m ashamed of what I’ve done. I will live more humbly from now on and reflect on myself 100 times before acting.

I can only ever be grateful to my fans, including now. It was thanks to you that I was able to receive a lot of love and make my debut. The fact that I let you down so badly makes me hesitant to open my mouth. The only thing I can say is ‘I’m sorry.’

I will take all of your rebukes and advice to heart and work harder to become more mature. Once again, I’m sorry. Thank you for reading these words even though they’re not enough.”