What’re the Meanings Behind Jay Park’s Tattoos, and How Many Does He Have?

Park Jaebum a.k.a Jay Park

Jay Park’s Tattoos

The singer of the popular song “Sexy 4 Eva,” Jay Park, is known as an artist who has many tattoos on his body. Some of these tattoos are the result of a long process but they all have important meaning attached to them.

The tattoos on his arm, for example, took up two months to be finished. Wow! Does it hurt?

Jay Park added more tattoos to his growing collection of body art. The man who was born in Washington, April 25th, 1987, is one of the idols who showed his love for the fans by capturing his fandom name in a tattoo behind his neck that reads “Jwalkerz” permanently.

In an interview, Jay Park revealed, “For me, tattoos are an expression of things that are very important to you in the form of art.”

Tattoo "Jwalkerz" on Jay's back neck.

This rapper/singer uploaded a photo on his Instagram account and Facebook account, showing his latest ink. Covering almost the entire back of his right hand is sitting down an impressive lion with a red crown on his head, said to be the ‘King of the Jungle.’

His tattoo images this time are very detailed and Jay seems to be more excited about this tattoo, uploading a photo of his adored hand covering his face. What is the number of tattoos he has now since the first time he got one in 2010? Even he himself doesn’t know.

Jay, as the owner of the AOMG label, stated that he was too lazy to count everything, but he knows that he┬áhas a lot of them on his body. Maybe the ‘King of the Jungle’ symbolizes Jay’s ambition to be at the top of the music industry.

Tattoos of Jay Park

“Everything is hard to do and hurts. The one on my side is very big, so the whole process lasted almost 2 months,” Jay Park said.

Jay then revealed that the tattoo on his body was not just a picture, but it had meaning in his life. There is a tattoo on his left arm with a heart bearing the words family, friends, music. Others, he claimed, symbolize his trust and standard of personal capital.

One tattoo that holds special meaning for him is a tattoo that reads, “Always be proper.” Jay Park said, that the tattoo is a reminder to always act right.

Jay Park is booming even more after he decided to join Roc Nation. He is also often in the spotlight because of his tattoos. This is mainly because his tattoos are related to his family, his career, even his fans.

“Of all my tattoos are meaningful, but this is the most meaningful tattoo (with a heart on the left arm),” Jay said.

After establishing the names of his own labels AOMG and H1GHRMUSIC, which are to orbit new artists, Jay plans to release a new song by the end of 2018.