Wow! Jay Park Showing Off His Sexy Abs on Stage!

Jay Park

A Little Information about Jay Park

Jay Park or also known as Park Jaebeom is famously known as a former member of 2PM, a boy group that had risen to fame under the management of JYP Entertainment. Jay Park is also known as a rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and also a Korean-American b-boy dancer. Right after Jay Park decided to leave 2PM, he dedicated his time and efforts to develop his solo career. Jay Park is also a member of a b-boy Art Movement in Seattle, Washington.

After his departure from 2PM, Jay Park spent a lot of his time to start up his career in America. Well, just like we all know, Jay Park has become a very popular and famous rapper and b-boy dancer in both America and South Korea. Jay Park even appears in Far East Movement’s music video with the title “Jello.”

Now, let’s talk a little bit about Jay Park’s performances! Often times when we see Jay Park on the stage, he is prone to showing off his sexy abs. Which is actually no wonder, since Jay Park’s good looks can’t be resisted, especially his sexy abs. In the course of this article, Channel-Korea will present you with Jay Park and show you his sexy abs!

Jay Park’s Abs on Stage

For all Jay Park’s fangirl out there, here’s a collection of pictures where Jay Park is showing off his abs while performing on stage. Let’s take a look together!

Jay Park indeed frequently appears shirtless on stage. We can see his sexy six-pack and all of the tattoos on his body.

His gaze and his abs. What a nice combination, don’t you agree, Jay Park’s fans?

Even when Jay Park appeared in Charli XCX’s music video for the song titled “Boys,” he again seemed to like showing off his abs and appeared shirtless again as usual.


Jay Park’s Workout


Well, when we’re talking about Jay Park’s sexy abs, it is obvious that he has put a lot of effort into his looks. It is clear that he has been doing a lot of exercises to accomplish looking this good. His perfect body shape doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, right? Just like many of the Korean male idols, Jay Park is one of those who a banging body, and he has enough lean muscle mass to look sexy.

Some sources say that Jay Park’s workout routine is based on high rep training. As a dancer, obviously Jay Park must take care of his body and his health. It would seem that there are certain body parts that Jay Park is focused on while exercising, namely his chest, biceps, and deltoids.

Besides doing a lot of exercise and workout, Jay Park is also mindful of his diet in order to take care of his good body shape and his health. According to some sources, Jay Park’s diet is a low-calorie, high protein, and low-carb diet.

Well, wanna try the exercise and diet tips that Jay Park does?