Let’s Look at Jay Park’s Appearance on ‘Running Man’ with Other Hip-Hop Stars!

Jay Park

The Handsome CEO of AOMG, Jay Park

Calling out all of Jay Park’s fans out there! Who’s missing this multi-talented guy? Jay Park was famously recognized as one of the former members of 2PM. After deciding to resign, Jay Park continued his career in America as a rapper, singer, b-boy dancer, and many more. But, Jay Park also participated in some variety shows, one of which was the popular show, Running Man.

Wanna know what Jay Park’s appearances were like in Running Man? Throughout this article, Channel-Korea will present you with the multi-talented Jay Park and his appearances in the popular variety show Running Man!

Jay Park in Running Man


Jay Park has participated in Running Man with other Hip-Hop stars, such as Jessi, Eun Ji-won, San E, and Verbal Jint. They all appeared together in episode 252. Jay Park, Jessi, Eun Ji-won, San E, and Verbal Jint were in a team with Yoo Jae-suk, one of Running Man‘s presenters.


In one of the games, Jay Park was showing off his ability to do a hip-hop dance, reminiscing the times when he was a member of 2PM. He was asked to show off his hip-hop moves and Jay Park said, “Maybe in 10 minutes.” In this game, Jay Park was also a ‘victim,’ because he had to sit down squatting over a balloon without touching it. Jay Park popped his balloon before San E had returned.


In another game, all of the members from Running Man had to write each other’s names on the chalkboard. Four people were playing and tried to write the other team members’ names on the board, while two people were defending them with an eraser. If the name of the contestant stayed on the chalkboard for longer than three seconds, then that person would be eliminated.


Soon, people were knocked out left and right when Ji-hyo wrote Jay Park’s name and won Round 1. Right before that, Jay Park wrote down Kim Jong-kook’s name in the chaos. In Round 2, Jay Park was called an MVP.


Seems like Jay Park and the other hip-hop stars were enjoying the games in Running Man. Let’s wait for another episode of Running Man, where Jay Park will appear again!