10 Photos of Jay Park’s Best Outfit, Let’s Look at His Unique Fashion Style!

Jay Park

Learn More About AOMG’s CEO, Jay Park

Jay Park is famous for being a well-known and acclaimed rapper and singer from South Korea. His real name is Park Jae-beom, and he was born on April 25th, 1987. Jay Park joined as a leader of the boy group 2PM, in 2008. That is until September 2009, when Jay Park returned to Seattle after comments he had written about Korea, in 2005, when he was still a teenager, were published by Korean media. Then, Jay Park officially left the group in early 2010. After that, several years later, in March 2010, Park uploaded a cover video of hit B.o.B and Bruno Mars “Nothin’ on You,” with his own rapping and lyrics, on his YouTube channel, which managed to reach more than 2,000,000 views in less than 24 hours. That same year, in July 2010, Park signed a contract with SidusHQ, restarting his career as a solo singer and actor.

Jay Park released his first mini-album Take Deeper Look in 2011. One year later, in February 2012, Jay Park released his first full-length album New Breed and got at the top of the charts in South Korea and internationally. He also released an English mixtape, Fresh Air: Breathe It. 

Jay Park’s Best Choice of Outfit!

Jay Park

In 2012, the American-Korean singer dueted with NS female singer Yoon G in the single “If You Want Me.” He posted a photo of him wearing a purple sweater and shoes. Although for most people, the purple color is considered to be women’s, Jay Park pulls off a great look and him wearing it makes it look very masculine.

Jay Park

Looking at the photo above, we can see Jay Park’s choice of outfit, which is very unique. He is wearing a blend of colorful patterned shirt matched with pants patterned with an animal printed pattern. He has also added some accessories to enhance his appearance, which is gold in color, so it gives the impression of sparkling during the day.

Jay Park

His next style of clothing is him wearing a suit and subordinates with black patches and a white base. In the photo above, we can see that Jay Park doesn’t wear a shirt under his coat, and his chest is slightly visible, forming a V neck that looks very sexy.

Jay Park

Jay Park indeed looks very attractive in any fashion style, which is obvious from the photo above where he only has a red shirt with floral motifs and a black-white square pattern that looks like a chessboard. In the photo, he is wearing glasses, and his shirt that is only tucked on one side gives off the aura of a classy bad boy.

Jay Park

Unlike his previous choice of clothes, when he was shooting for the Adidas brand, he dyed his hair like a rainbow and used a jacket and white shoes from Adidas. Actually, the clothes are very simple but, the little part of his wrist that has a tattoo makes his appearance seem very complete and catchy!

Jay Park

As in the previous photo, shooting for the commercial of Adidas, Jay Park is wearing an Adidas jacket with attractive motifs but very comfortable so that he doesn’t need to wear a shirt on the inside. He adds a gold necklace as an accessory to enhance his look and shows the tattoos on his chest.

Jay Park

As all we know, actually, Jay Park is more often without clothes. He has in fact admitted that he is happy to show off the tattoos on his body. This can be seen in every MV of his, for example, the MV for “Sexy 4 Eva.” In this video, Jay Park only wears a ripped jeans jacket and a blue skullcap.

This Korean-American rapper has a very unique fashion sense, so every time he appears he definitely shows his unique choice of fashion styles. With his fashion sense, he can attract many people, especially women who are crazy about the impression he gives, which is deemed a bad boy. So, what do you think guys? Do you agree that Jay Park is indeed a unique fashionista?