Up-Close with Jang Yoon-jung: Profile, Marriage, Scandal, etc.

Jang Yoon Jung

Get to know Jang Yoon-jung

Almost everyone knows Jang Yoon-jung. She’s a famous Trot singer in Korea, and music lovers of all ages know her work and like it. She was debuted in 1999 as a winner of Festival Riverside, but she became more popular until her first album titled 어머나 (Eomeona; Oh My Goodness) was released in 2005. A Gallup Korea poll found that Jang Yoon-Jung is among the top 10 For Artists Who Shined the Most + Favorite Songs and Idols of 2018.

Jang Yoon-jung’s Full Profile

Jang Yoon-Jung

Name: Jang Yoon-Jung (장윤정)

Place of Birth: Chungju, Chungcheonbuk-do, South Korea

Date of Birth: February 16th, 1980

Age: 39

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Blood type: B

Occupations: Singer, MC, actress

Agency: Inwoo Production, Belief Entertainment

Years active: 1999-present

Fandom name: Lemonade

Fancafe: LemonadeFancafe

Facts about Jang Yoon-jung :

  • She was debuted as a trot singer in 1999.
  • She was the winner of Festival Riverside in 1999 with her song You and Me.
  • She was married to announcer Do Kyung-wan (도경완) in 2013, in Yeouido, Western Seoul.
  • Jang Yoon-jung and her husband had their honeymoon in Fiji.
  • Her first son’s name Do Yeon-woo. He was born on June 13, 2014, and became a popular baby on the reality show The Return of Superman.
  • Her second child was a girl, named Do Ha-young, who was born in November, 2018.
  • On February 20th, 2010, she became the ambassador of Hanguel for the Cia-Cia tribe of Indonesia, especially their city of Bau-Bau.
  • She briefly dated Noh Hong Chul in 2010.
  • Her mother and brother managed her income when she first debuted, but they lost their money.

Jang Yoon-jung’s Career

Jang Yoon-Jung

After she won at the Riverside Festival, Jang had the opportunity to join a well-known agency. After several years she still hadn’t released any albums, and she and her family had financial difficulties that left her feeling hopeless until she received a proposal from E-mecca Entertainment, offering to employ her as a trot singer. At first, she refused because it’s very embarrassing, but then she decided to take the chance and released her debut album 어머나! (Oh My Goodness).

Here are her complete discography and compilations:


Album Album Information
1st Volume 1

  • Title: 어머나! (Oh My Goodness)
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: October 22, 2004
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: Sony
2nd Volume 2

  • Title: 짠짜라
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: May 10, 2005
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: Yejeon Media
2.5 Volume 2.5

  • Title: 트로트 리메이크 앨범 (Trot Remake Album)
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: April 7, 2006
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: Manine Media
3rd Volume 3

  • Title: 이따, 이따요 (Later, Later)
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: September 28, 2006
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: Manine Media
Best Of Compilation

  • Title: Best Album – The Encore
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: September 17, 2007
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: Vitamin Entertainment
4th Volume 4

  • Title: 장윤정 트위스트 (Jang Yun-jeong Twist)
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: June 27, 2008
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: Mnet Media
5th Volume 5

  • Title: 올래 (Come)
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: June 8, 2010
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: Neowiz Internet
6th Volume 6

  • Title: 장윤정 6집 10주년 앨범 (“Jang Yoon Jeong Vol 6. 10th Anniversary”)
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: October 17, 2012
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: Neowiz Internet
7th Volume 7

  • Title: 女子 (Girl)
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: April 22, 2015
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: Elijah Entertainment KR
8th Volume 8

  • Title: Préparation
  • Format: CD, Digital Download
  • Release Date: March 12, 2019
  • Language: Korean
  • Record Label: IOK Company / Sail Music


Year Program Role
2006-2007 1000 Song Challenge Host
2019 Miss Trot Master
2019–present Super Hearer Hearer

Awards and nominations

Golden Disc Awards

Year Category Work Result
2005 Trot Award “Really!” (짠짜라) Won
2006 “Later, Later” (이따 이따요) Won
2007 “First Love” (첫사랑) Won
2008 “Jang Yun-Jung Twist” (장윤정 트위스트) Won


SBS Gayo Daejeon

Year Category Result
2004 Trot Award Won
2005 Won
2006 Won


Seoul Music Awards

Year Category Result
2006 Bonsang (Main Award) Won
2008 Won
2009 Won
2011 Trot Award Won


Other Awards

Year Award-Giving Body Category Work Result
2005 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Female Artist “Really!” (짠짜라) Nominated
2010 Melon Music Awards Trot Award “Come” (올래) Won
2017 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Prime Minister’s Commendation N/A Won


And here are some of her music videos!

  1. 어머나! (Oh My Goodness) – 2004

2. 짠짜라 (Jjan Jja Ra) – 2005

3. 이따, 이따요 (Later, Later) – 2006

4. 첫사랑 (First Love) – 2006

Jang Yoon-jung’s Past Relationship with Noh Hong-chul

Jang Yoon-Jung

On June 7th, 2009, Jang Yoong-jung and Noh Hong-chul were confirmed to be dating. They first met and became close the previous October when they appeared on SBS Gold Miss Is Coming, where single ladies over the age 30 try to find a boyfriend.

Nine months later, the couple separated. Jang Yoon-jung officially released a statement saying that she had broken up with Noh Hong-chul at a press conference in Seoul and relaying the reason why they broke up. Both sides said ‘Noh Hong-chul and Jang Yoon-jung split up because of their busy schedule‘ because Noh Hong-chul was busy with Infinity Challenge and Jang Yoon-jung was busy preparing her upcoming 5th album.

Noh Hong-chul

But in 2013, on episode four of MBC’s I Live Alone, which is aired on April 12, 2013, Noh Hong-chul mentioned that he and his ex-girlfriends stay friends and he said he still talks to her, still is good friends with her and other of his ex-girlfriends who are married, as well as their husbands.

Jang Yoon-jung’s Marriage with Do Kyung-wan

Jang Yoon-jung

Do Kyung-wan (도경완) is a news presenter and show host for KBS television, he currently hosts Morning Plaza and Entertainment Relay. He has also been known for being one of Jang Yoon-jung’s biggest fans. He’s two years younger than Jang Yoon-jung. They got to know each other in 2012 while recording a KBS entertainment program together and announced their intention to marry a year later.

Jang Yoon-jung and Do Kyung-wan

He even said, through Jang Yoon-jung’s agency, ”My empty and cold mind became fertilized after I met her. This is the best decision I have made in my life and I promise to everyone we will live together in love and never look anywhere else.”

Jang Yoon-jung also commented “He was a big help to me when I was in need, and he shared my happiness whenever I was happy. He showed me such deep faith and love, and so I made the decision to stay with him for the rest of my life, without any calculation or concerns. I′ll live a rightful life as a married woman so that I can sing even more happily before my fans.”

Jang Yoon-jung

The couple held their wedding in September, 2013, in Yeouido, western Seoul. Even though their marriage was closed to the public, they met with reporters at a press conference.

Even though I’m an employee of a broadcasting company, it’s my first time being in front of so many reporters, so I’m the one trembling while the bride seems confident,” said Do Kyung-wan after their marriage.

And he also said, “I will do my best to have the nationally popular singer live with a happy smile from now on.”

In the six years of their marriage they have had two children. Their first child was a boy, named Do Yeon-woo, and their second child was a girl, named Do Ha-young.

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On March 12th, 2019, Jang Yoon-jung released a new sound source titled 사랑 참 (Love is True).

They have been prepared this album since last summer. Jang Yoon-jung got full support from her husband. She said that she really missed the stage after raising two children.

After that, Jang Yoon-jung and Do Kyung-wan have become the guest stars in Battle Trip episode 139, with the theme ‘A Married Couple Trip’ and their destination was Singapore. The show was aired on April 27th, 2019.