Let’s Take a Look at Jang Shin-young and Kang Kyung-joon’s Romantic Wedding Photos!

Jang shin young & wi seung cheol

About Jang Shin-young Previous Marriage

Jang Shin-young is a South Korean actress who made her entertainment debut through a local beauty contest in 2001 and is best known for her acting as the femme fatale lead in the drama The Empress in 2011. She also played the leading role in Flower of Revenge in 2013, the first daily drama by the cable station jTBC.

On November 18th, 2006, Jang Shin-young married to Wi Seung-cheol, a marketing director at Bae Yong-joon’s management agency BOF. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2009 and they had a son named Jung-an.

After failing in the first marriage, in 2018, Jang Shin-young announced she will be getting married for the second time to her Flower of Revenge co-star Kang Kyung-joon.

Jang Shin-young and Kang Kyung-joon’s Romantic Wedding


Jang Shin-young and Kang Kyung-joon held their wedding on May 25th, 2018, after being in a romantic relationship for 5 years. The couple got married in an outdoor wedding ceremony attended by their family and friends. Jang Shin-young’s son brought her second wedding ring.

Jang Shin-young and Kang Kyung-joon released a recording of their wedding video through the SBS Same Bed Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny. Their wedding was full of tearful emotional moments. Let’s take a look at some of their wedding photos released by the couple themselves.


The wedding was so emotional, with both the bride and groom tearing up. Especially, when Jang Shin-young said, “This moment was something that we were waiting for a long time. For me, what I wanted more than anything was to receive the blessings of my family. (Kang Kyung-joon had his reasons for his tears), but for me, there were a lot of emotions there (between me and my family). So seeing everyone supporting us, I was so thankful.”


During the wedding, Jang Shin-young and Kang Kyung-joon took turns in reading the vows that they had written together. But then, both of them were unable to go on due to their tears.

They said that this decision was difficult for them and some even said that the relationship would not last. But finally, they proved it as the relationship lasted for five years and even ended with marriage. They love each other. As they’ve trusted each other in the past, they vow, in front of everyone gathered here on their wedding, that they will cherish each other forever and become a loving trio, such that not one of them is estranged.


After the vows, Jang Shin-young’s son, Jung An brought the couple their rings. It was the first time Jung An was publicly revealed on broadcast through the wedding footage.

When Kang Kyung-joon was being asked about how he felt for Jung An when he brought the wedding ring, Kang Kyung-joon answered that actually he felt apologetic as it was a day of celebration for him and Jang Shin-young, but it might not be for him.

He added, “From his perspective, even if we do raise him in a happy family, because of the advancements of the internet, later on, he might think that these kinds of things are embarrassing, or it could end up being a source of sadness for him.”

Woah, what a thoughtful and caring father that Kang Kyung-joon has vowed to be! Let’s pray and support them as a new family to be happily ever after!

Jang Shin-young’s Latest Drama


Jang Shin-young is rumored to be starring in the drama Babel (Hangul: 바벨). In this drama, Jang Shin-young will play the role of Tae Yoo-Ra. The drama is directed by Yun Seong-sik and will be released soon, in January 2019. Let’s just wait for it!