Jang Na-ra’s Profile: Drama, Songs and Movies

about Jang Na-ra

Multi-Talented Actress, Jang Na-ra

Jang Na-ra is a South Korean multi-talented actress. She is also well known as a singer and record producer. Jang Na-Ra is popular in both China and South Korea as an actress and singer. She also starred in several popular dramas such as School 2013 and Baby Faced Beauty. Jang Na-Ra is also popular for her song Sweet Dream. Let’s get to know more about this amazing woman, Jang Na-Ra.

Jang Na-ra’s Full Profile and Facts



Real Name = Jang Na-Ra

Other Name = Zhāng Nà Lā

Birthday = March 18, 1981

Origin = Yeokchon-dong, Eunpyong District, Seoul, South Korea

Years Active = 2001 – Present

Occupation = Musician, Record Producer, Actress

Agency = Rawon Culture



  1. She can play several musical instruments such as flute and piano.
  2. She used to be a trainee of SM Entertainment and debuted as a soloist in May 2001. However, SM Entertainment dropped her due to having less popularity than other artists.
  3. In an interview, actor Jang Hyuk revealed that they never spoke to each other except when they were filming 2002’s Successful Story of a Bright Girl.
  4. In the Drama School 2013, Jang Na-Ra reunited with her co-star Daniel Choi who she had acted with before in the Drama Baby Faced Beauty.
  5. She was the only singer from a non-Chinese-speaking country to appear in the 2008 Olympic song Beijing Welcomes You.
  6. She is an associate professor of acting at Beijing Huajia University in China.
  7. In 2011, Jang Na-Ra was appointed as Seoul’s Gangnam-gu’s ambassador to promote tourism in the area.
  8. Jang Na-Ra is also active in his charity work and in making donations.
  9. She once meet Conan O’Brian and become a fangirl during their first meeting on the set of the MBC Drama One More Happy Ending.



Who is Jang Na-ra’s Boyfriend?


Currently, Jang Na-Ra isn’t dating anyone. But she revealed in an interview that she has dated and shared that she had an unsuccessful relationship in the past. She broke up with her past boyfriend in a weird way. They had a ‘lip-lock’ instead of a farewell which she regretted as it made her miss him more. When she was young, she used to called her ex-boyfriend around 100 times because she is someone who will tell a person that she likes them right away. She also said that she isn’t really popular with men since she isn’t a fun person.

Jang Na-Ra had been rumored to be dating several actors before, such as Kim Nam-Gil, Daniel Cho, Peter Ho and Park Bo-Gum.

Is Jang Na-ra Already Married?


Just because Jang Na-Ra isn’t dating anyone right now, it doesn’t mean that she is already married. Jang Na-Ra has strong views on the institution of marriage. She wants to act until she is 37 years old and then get married. If it doesn’t work out, she would even consider going on blind dates as she plans to have children before she turns 40 years old.