‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’ Villain, Jang Mi-kwan: Profile, Dramas, Instagram, Girlfriend, Etc.


Meet the Psychopath Villain in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, Jang Mi-kwan

Don’t say that you’re a Korean drama fan when the only Korean actor and actresses you know are the main actors and actresses. If you’re a true Korean drama fan, you must know some of the actors and actresses who play supporting roles. Not only the main roles!

Well, for this article, we’re going to discuss the actor that appears in one of the popular Korean dramas.

The role that he played must be very memorable for some viewers. Because without him, the drama won’t be that interesting!

The actor that we’re going to discuss is Jang Mi-kwan.

Jang Mi-kwan made his name big after appeared in Strong Woman Do Bong-sun in 2017. If you only know that the drama is popular because of Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik‘s chemistry, plus the sweet and miserable acting of Jisoo, you have to know that Jang Mi-kwan took an important role in this drama too!

What was his role, and did he play in other dramas too? Well, let’s discuss it in the section below, shall we?

Jang Mi-kwan’s Full Profile


Full name: Jang Mi-kwan

Name: Mi-kwan

Korean Name: 장미관

Birthdate: July 21, 1989

Birthplace: Gyeongsan-si, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Education: Daekyeung University, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

Occupation: Model and actor

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 70 kg

Debut as an actor: 2017

Agency: Zen Stars

Instagram: @rosei_j

Jang Mi-kwan Background Story


Before debuting as an actor, Jang Mi-kwan was originally a model. He has been active as a model for years before acted his first role in a Korean drama.

He was in one of the Seoul Fashion Week as a runway model.

But way before that, he was born and raised in Gyeongsan. The man who was born in 1989 also attended a university in Gyeongsan, Daekyeung University.

Jang Mi-kwan then moved to Seoul and became a model. He already took part in New Wave in Seoul Collaboration Fashion Week in 2009.

Years after that, Jang Mi-kwan took a role as Beom-in in “Strong Woman Do Bong-sun” in 2017. Even though that was his first time acting, he did such a great job there.

You can see the detail of his drama projects down below!

Jang Mi-kwan’s Popular Drama List


Jang Mi-kwan acted as Beom-in in “Strong Woman Do Bong-sun,” but he also got other roles in other dramas after successfully taking his first role. He acted in a drama as one of the supporting roles with an improved acting skill on each drama from year by year.

We can say that Jang Mi-kwan is not only talented as a model but also as an actor.

Let’s see some of his dramas!

Jang Mi-kwan in Strong Woman Do Bong-sun


Just like the title, “Strong Woman Do Bong-sun” is a story about a woman named Do Bong-sun who has a superpower in her strength. Bong-soon was friends with Guk-doo, a detective who secretly falls in love with her. They both have known each other for years. If there’s something happen with Bong-sun, Guk-doo was ready to help!

Pst, Bong-sun was actually has a crush on Guk-doo too! But she was afraid to tell him since, at that time, she was unemployed while Guk-doo already had a job.

Until the day she met Min-hyuk, a CEO of a game company interested in Bong-sun’s superpower. He asked Bong-sun for help to get rid of the crime and threats around him, especially the kidnap cases.

Later on, Min-hyuk is interested in Bong-sun too.


Then, what will happen with Bong-sun’s romantic life? Will she choose Min-hyuk over her best friend?

You can watch the drama if you’re curious about how the story is going.

Jang Mi-kwan portrayed the mysterious psychopath kidnaper that clashed with Bong-sun a lot. Even though this was his first role, he portrayed the villain role really well.

Jang Mi-kwan in Manhole


The story tells about Bong-pil, who has been friends with Soo-jin for almost all of his life. They have been together since kindergarten. Bong-pil secretly has a crush on Soo-jin. He kept it for a long time without her knowing.

One day, Soo-jin will get married soon to a guy named Jae-hyun, a successful man.

Bong-pil, who is just unemployed who studied hard to pass the civil servant test for 3 years, was nothing compared to Jae-hyun.

But Bong-pil couldn’t let his first love get married right in front of his salad.

He suddenly got into a manhole, which leads him to travel back in time. He takes this opportunity to get Soo-jin before she gets married to Jae-hyun.


This drama shows an entertaining and comedic concept. If you’re into rom-com drama, you will definitely love “Manhole”!

Jang Mi-kwan is portrayed as Jae-hyun, the groom-to-be of Soo-jin.

Will Soo-jin end up with Bong-pil or Jae-hyun?

Find out the story by watching the drama!

Jang Mi-kwan in My Dangerous Wife


This drama tells a story about a married couple, Jae-kyung and Yoon-cheol. They have been married for around 6 years. They seem to have a delighted married life. But deep down inside, Yoon-cheol doesn’t feel like that.

Yoon-cheol is a chef in an Italian restaurant. He’s hiding his affair with one of his co-workers in the restaurant, Sun-mi. The mistress, Sun-mi, is ready to fight for anything she wants, including taking Yoon-cheol from his wife.

Yoon-cheol was about to get rid of his wife, but it turns out that his wife is gone missing.

What is actually happening?

This drama will get you into thrilling yet comedic experiences. The wife, who is unpredictable and the complex problems between the married couple, will engage you with the series.

Jang Mi-kwan is portrayed as Jae-jung, one of the staff in the Italian restaurant that Yoon-cheol and Sun-mi work at.

If you’re curious about “My Dangerous Wife”, you might as well watch the whole drama!

Jang Mi-kwan’s Lifestyle: Abs, Girlfriend, Social Media, Active on Instagram?


After seeing Jang Mi-kwan’s dramas, you must be wondering what he is like in real life. What’s his social media? Does she have a partner already? Is he married yet? Well, if you’re curious, let’s discuss it in this section!

Jang Mi-kwan is on social media, and you can follow his daily life by clicking the follow button on his official Instagram account, @rosei_j.

The name ‘rose’ was probably because Jang Mi-kwan’s name means rose. Which ‘rose’ in Korean means jangmi.

On his Instagram account, Jang Mi-kwan shares a lot about his actor life.


He posted a photo when he was on set while filming a drama.


Or when he shared photos with his friends while playing soccer.

Jang Mi-kwan never shares about his love life there. That could be because he was busy with his work that he didn’t have a girlfriend yet, or it could be because he didn’t want to share his personal life on social media.

But have a girlfriend or not, let’s admit that Jang Mi-kwan is hot.


Even hotter when he shows his abs!

Jang Mi-kwan’s Look-a-Like, Im Si-wan


If you see Jang Mi-kwan closely, you must be thinking of someone.

Are you sure you didn’t think of anyone?

If you see the headline, you must know what we are trying to say here!

Jang Mi-kwan resembles one of the Korean actors a lot, and it’s none other than Im Si-wan.

Im Si-wan is a former Korean boyband, ZE:A, member. And he’s now an active actor just like Jang Mi-kwan; if you see some of Jang Mi-kwan’s pictures, the angle really trying to show us that Jang Mi-kwan is like Im Si-wan’s brother.


Both of them were born in the 80s. Jang Mi-kwan is a year younger than Im Si-wan. They could literally pass as a brother, don’t you think so?


That’s all the info about Jang Mi-kwan that you should know. Reading this article made you know him better, right? Hopefully, we can see more of Jang Mi-kwan’s drama in the future. It could be with him as the main role or portraying a role as Im Si-wan’s brother? Whatever it is, let’s support Jang Mi-kwan always. Cheers!