Jang Mi-inae: Profile and Facts

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Get Closer with Korean Actress Jang Mi-inae

Jang Min-inae is a South Korean actress who made her debut in entertainment about 15 years ago. She is known for her roles in Soulmate, Dear My Sister, and Missing You.

In 2013, she was investigated and indicted for the illegal use of narcotic Propofol. The Seoul Central District Court found Jang guilty of taking Propofol 410 times over six years, and she was sentenced to eight months in prison and suspended for two years. Let’s look at the full profile of Jang Min-Inae!

Full Profile of Jang Mi-inae

jang minae

Real Name: Jang Mi Inae

Date of Birth: May 28, 1984

Age: 34 years old

Profession: Actress

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: AB

Religion: N/A

Zodiac: Gemini

Agency: C-JeS Entertainment

Education: Soongeui Women’s College (Dance degree)

Facts About Jang Mi-inae

jang minae
  1. She debuted in 2004 in Daylight’s MV for “Angel Song”.
  2. Her favorite numbers are 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, and 50.
  3. Her favorite colors are orange, white, grey, and yellow.
  4. She was once rumored to have mental disorders.
  5. She was born in South Korea.

Jang Mi-inae’s Relationship

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A rumor about Jang Mi-Inae’s romantic relationship broke out. According to the report, Jang Mi-Inae visits her boyfriend’s business site.

Jang Mi-inae and Park Yoochun’s Fans

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The drama producer of I Miss You had a problem with Park Yoochun’s fans in connection with the demands of the fans to issue actress Jang Mi-Inae. Netizens who are aware of the fact that the actress is in an agency with Yoochun, C-Jes Entertainment, pushed for the two to play together as a result of the common practice of the agency asking one of the rookies to be put into a drama production that has a famous performer featured.

While such a thing is not new, many netizens were also troubled by the fact that Jang Mi-Inae had previously done an inappropriate shooting and said her image did not match the romance drama.

MBC dismissed the controversy by saying, “Park Yoochun has a lot of enthusiastic applicants compared to critical comments.”

However, this incident is being closely monitored to ensure it does not bring further negative effects to the drama.

Park Yoochun said, “Jang Mi-Inae is my senior in the acting industry so I am very sorry. I wish the fans will think of this a bit more comfortably. Also, because Jang Mi-Inae is from the same company as me, things are more comfortable. I hope the fans will take things down a notch.”

After Park Yoochun said those caring remarks, Jang Mi-Inae also added, “Because of this controversy, I thought that I should work even harder.”

In this drama, Jang Mi-Inae played a supporting role as web-toon author Kim Eun-Joo who likes Han Jung-Woo, the character that Park Yoochun plays.

Jang Mi-inae Goes to Jail

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Actress Jang Mi-inae reportedly abused the use of narcotics and ended up in jail. According to the source, Jang Mi-Inae sent an appeal to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office via legal channels on January 2, 2013. Now, with the appeal, the decision of 8 months in prison and two years of probation is suspended.

The official from the Prosecutor’s Office said, “Although the doctor was arrested and investigated for the excessive administration of Propofol, but their crime isn’t any lighter considered the entire period of Propofol administration, the frequency of dosing, and the number of times they kept making false statements and consistently failing to show a reflective attitude.”

The official from the Prosecutor’s Office said about Jang Mi-Inae, “Jang Mi-Inae is stating that she did not even know what Propofol was, which is not a convincing excuse at all, and she is not sorry for the crime at all.” The official from the Prosecutor’s Office added, “Although Propofol was categorized as an illicit drug in 2011, the abuse and misuse of the drug hasn’t ceased. The actresses’ crimes are not light as they took a socially unacceptable amount of Propofol administration and dosage.”

Jang Mi-Inae said in response, “There was a limit to losing weight by exercising and dieting while working as an actress. I did not know it would be a crime to take Propofol under the doctor’s administration.”

The case of Propofol was first heard in March 2013. The case was completed on November 25 after 16 hearings. With Jang Mi-Inae’s decision, Lee Seung-Yeon and Park Shi-Yeon were to be jailed for 8 months and 2 years of probation.

Actress Lee Seung-Yeon and Park Shi-Yeon accepted the decision, while Jang Mi-Inae alone appealed. The doctors who were involved in the illegal Propofol and gave it to these three artists are currently still facing trial.