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Dating Rumors Involving Jang Ki-yong

Lee Ye-Na from Go Back’s Couple

An exclusive report from January 11th, 2018, revealed that Jang Ki-yong was in a love affair with actress Lee Ye-na. According to Dong-A News, the Go Back Couple’s actor has been dating Lee Ye-na for the past year. The pictures that had been uploaded on each other’s SNS accounts seemed to be strong evidence that the two are dating.

In the photo, Jang Ki-yong and Lee Ye-na are on holiday together in Thailand last year. Like the other couples, the two of them were also absorbed in enjoying a romantic dinner at a restaurant.

There are also photos when the two were caught on camera in the middle of a walk in one place in a Thailand street. Did not take long, the agency immediately gave an official statement. What did YG Entertainment say? “The two of them have broken up,” YG said. “We would be grateful if everyone could support the actor who is currently concentrating on shooting for his acting project.”

Nana from Kill It

Kill It officially ended with the 12th episode aired on Sunday, April 28th, 2019. Even though it was finished, Nana did not forget to say goodbye to the loyal audience. The character of Do Hyun-jin’s uploaded two photos in black and white on her personal Instagram account.

In the first photo, Nana and Jang Ki-yong are seen leaning their heads together and smiling happily. Then in the next photo, the two main actors of Kill It look more intimate by staring into each other’s eyes.

The picture that was uploaded by Nana was apparently taken during the last scene where Jang Ki-yong was killed. The actor’s face was still covered in artificial blood but still looks handsome as ever. Nana herself also didn’t forget to write a thank you note from her.

The two artists received compliments from their fans and Kill It‘s viewers because of their chemistry together in this drama. Their fans also wished this couple will continue their relationship in real life by commenting to Nana’s picture on Instagram.

The production staff of the drama Kill It also shared about Jang Ki-yong and Nana’s chemistry during the filming that continued to grow on the location. Jang Ki-yong and Nana really enjoyed their filming on the drama set together while the character of Do Hyun-jin, Nana, shared her thoughts about Jang Ki-yong that he is very thoughtful and could become her friend very quickly which helped their work together in the drama become easier.

Latest News of Jang Ki-yong

On August 5th, 2019, Bad Guys: The Movie released their trailer for their upcoming premiere in September 2019!

The original cast members such as Jang Ki-yong, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Sang-joong, Kang Ye-won, and Kim Ah-joong are one of a movie that caught attention from the viewers as it was a spin-off of OCN’s drama, Bad Guys.

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Bad Guys: The Movie is Jang Ki-yong’s debut on the big screen as he played the character of Go Yoo-sung who is a former police officer who likes to used violence to attack people around him. This movie tells us a story about dangerous prisoners who escape from the prison and a special team from the investigation division that will chase them.

“1992.08.07 my birthday❤️
Thank you so much for congratulating me🥰” – @juanxkui

On August 7th, 2019, actor Jang Ki-yong, the Korean heartthrob, celebrated his birthday turning 27 years old this year! He posted a black and white themed picture on his Instagram account while smiling at the camera. The actor from the drama My Ahjussi was so happy in the picture as he was surrounded by a fancy dinner and a birthday banner behind his back. Many of his fans commented on the picture by saying a lot of wishes and congratulating him on his birthday.

That was all the information about actor Jang Ki-yong’s full profile and his latest news! Let us hope for all the best and good luck to Jang Ki-yong’s career in the future so we can see him in another appearance whether as a cast of a drama, movie or on the runway again as a model.