Are You Falling For Jang Ki-yong’s Charm, Too? Check Out The Korean Heartthrob’s Profile, Here!

Plastic Surgery Rumors

Although there isn’t any news about Jang Ki-yong’s plastic surgery, he is really known for his charm and handsome face ever since forever. Starting his career as a model, Jang Ki-yong who has a height of 187 cm is a true definition of a perfect model.

There is no specific difference between how Jang Ki-yong looked when he was a model and when he became an actor right now. He still has a stunning visual appearance that most actors would love to have and his look can make any girl’s heart flutter by simply seeing him in his appearance in television dramas.

Being recognized as an actor, Jang Ki-yong still appears as a cover model in magazines because everyone recognizes him as one of the best rookie actors who can win women’s hearts. His career in acting started blooming as the character of Chae Doo-jin in Come and Hug Me which won him many awards for his incredible acting skills.

Jang Ki-yong’s Braces

Did you know that actor Jang Ki-yong used to wear braces back when he was still a model? The braces that had the function to correct a person’s smile and teeth structure were worn by him when he was 20 years old and became one of his trademarks. In one of his interviews with Cuvism, in May 2013, he mentioned about his braces that made him become uncomfortable to smile and worried a lot about his look but then the photographer convinced him that it’s fine.

The actor from the drama Kill It (2019) who played the character of Kim Soo-hyun also shared about how he started wearing braces because his father said his snaggletooth and misaligned teeth should have a correction. But now, Jang Ki-yong is thankful for his braces that he has become more confident to smile in front of people.

The staff from his agency once told him to never remove his braces because it looks good on him but soon he had to remove them. He thought that his braces brought so much luck in his life and it will be a great loss if someday he’s not wearing braces anymore. At the end of the interview, Jang Ki-yong mentioned that his braces represent a special thing in his life since they made him more confident during the photoshoots while smiling with his braces on.

Jang Ki-yong’s Cameo in Touch Your Heart

Beside becoming the lead actor in some television dramas, Jang Ki-yong also made a special appearance in the drama Touch Your Heart (2019) starring actress Yoo In-na and actor Lee Dong-wook.

In this drama, Jang Ki-yong played the role of a Top Star (cameo) that appeared in Episode 1. Check out Jang Ki-yong’s cut scene on Touch Your Heart below!

Jang Ki-yong’s Photoshoot For Giordano

Check out the pictorials of Jang Ki-yong for Giordano’s Spring ’18 Campaign below!