Are You Falling For Jang Ki-yong’s Charm, Too? Check Out The Korean Heartthrob’s Profile, Here!

Find Out More About Actor Jang Ki-yong’s Full Profile

Do you know about the actor who starred in the drama Kill It (2019) that was aired on OCN and played as the character of Kim Soo-hyun? Yes! The actor named Jang Ki-yong has now become popular for his awesome acting skills in his latest drama that also has a high rating as well.

In this article, we’re going to find out more about the Korean heartthrob, actor Jang Ki-yong’s profile followed by his latest news below!

Full Profile of Jang Ki-yong

Full Name: Jang Ki-yong (장기용)

Place and Date of Birth: Ulsan, South Korea, August 7th, 1992

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 182 cm

Education: Seokyeong University, Major in Model and Acting

Talent Agency: YG K-Plus

Official Sites: Instagram (@juanxkui)

Facts About Jang Ki-yong
  1. Jang Ki-yong has an older brother.
  2. Before debuting as an actor, Jang Ki-yong used to be a model under YG K-Plus.
  3. Jang Ki-yong began his career at the 2012 S/S General Idea Collection Show during the Seoul Fashion Week.
  4. Jang Ki-yong made his debut as a model in 2012 and appeared as a model in IU’s music video titled “Friday’ in 2013.
  5. Starring in the drama My Ahjussi with IU, his appearance became quite controversial since he had to play the role of a bad guy.
  6. In 2017, Jang Ki-yong gained popularity as an actor after appearing in Confession Couple with actress Jang Nara.
  7. Jang Ki-yong has also won many awards throughout his acting career.

Jang Ki-yong’s Filmography

Television Dramas

  • 2019 Touch Your Heart (played as The Top Star (cameo)/aired on tvN), Kill It (played as Kim Soo-hyun/aired on OCN), Search: WWW (played as Park Morgan/aired on tvN)
  • 2018 My Ahjussi (played as Lee Kwang-Il/aired on tvN), Come and Hug Me (played as Chae Do-jin/aired on MBC)
  • 2017 The Liar and His Lover (played as Ji In-ho/aired on tvN), Confession Couple (played as Jung Nam-gil/aired on KBS2)
  • 2016 Beautiful Mind (played as Nam Ho-young/aired on KBS2)
  • 2015 This Is My Love (played as Lee Suk-tae/aired on JTBC)
  • 2014 It’s Okay, That’s Love (played as Sam/aired on SBS), The Greatest Marriage (played as Bae Deu-ro/aired on TV Chosun), Schoolgirl Detectives (played as Ahn Chae-joon/aired on JTBC)

Web Dramas

  • 2017 Some Guy (played as Sung Ki-je/aired on Naver TV Cast), The Boy Next Door (played as Sung Gi-jae/aired on Dingo Studios)
  • 2016 Love for a Thousand More (played as Jason/aired on Naver TV Cast)
  • 2015 We Broke Up (played as Seo Hyun-woo/aired on Naver TV Cast)


  • 2019 – Bad Guys: The Movie

Variety Shows

  • 2016 – Tribe of Hip Hop (Top 10 Finalist/aired on JTBC)

Music Videos

Red Shoes by IU

Friday by IU

When in Hongdae by Hong Dae-kwang

The End by Kwon Jin-ah

Jang Ki-yong in Come and Hug Me

Come and Hug Me (이리와 안아줘) is a South Korean television drama that was aired on MBC starting from May 2018 with a total of 32 episodes starring Jang Ki-yong who was playing as the character of Chae Do-jin. In this drama, Chae Do-jin is a rookie detective who has just graduated from the police academy. Before changing his name, Chae Do-jin had the real name Yoon Na-moo and lived as a young boy whose father was a psychopath and a serial killer. But on the other hand, Yoon Na-moo had his first love when he was still a kid, a girl named Gil Nak-won who now has the name Han Jae-yi (played by Jin Ki-joo) and they are fated to be together again.

Jang Ki-yong in Kill It

Kill It (킬잇) is a television series that was aired on OCN starting from March 2019 and has a total of 12 episodes. In this drama, Jang Ki-yong played the character of Kim Soo-hyun who is a skilled serial killer that has joined into many gangs but also has a side job as a skilled veterinarian. He has never been able to show his true identity and became the most dangerous man that lived on the earth, which led him into a case that involved a woman detective named Do Hyun-jin (played by After School’s Nana) who seeks him as a suspect.

Jang Ki-yong in Search: WWW

Search: WWW (검색어를 입력하세요: WWW) is a K-Drama that was aired on tvN starting from June 2019 for a total of 16 episodes. In this drama, Jang Ki-yong played the character of Park Morgan, the CEO of a music game company named Millim Sound, that has a positive attitude although he keeps his own pain from the past. Park Morgan then meets a famous website director, Tammy (played by Im Soo-jung) and the two fall in love with each other.

Jang Ki-yong and IU in My Ahjussi

My Ahjussi (나의 아저씨) is a South Korea television drama that was aired on tvN during 2018 with a total of 16 episodes. In this drama, Jang Ki-yong played the role of Lee Kwang-il, a son of a loan shark that chases a woman named Lee Ji-an. During his appearance in this drama, the viewers speak out their criticism about Jang Ki-yong’s violence scenes when he beats up his fellow actress, IU. In this case, the Korea Communications Standards Commission issued a warning about the controversial scenes since they involved a woman in danger and caused fear in society.