Family Dramas Actress Jang Jung-hee: Profile, Drama, Thought on Divorce, Etc.

jang jung-hee

Meet the Senior Korean Actress Jang Jung-hee

Some of you who enjoy watching Korean dramas probably have known many supporting roles, actors, and actresses who appear a lot in Korean dramas that you watched. But some people don’t really pay attention to the actors and actresses who portrayed the supporting roles.

Well, well, let’s give them appreciation by exploring their profile in this article!

The actress that we’re going to talk about is Jang Jung-hee.

She’s a senior actress that has starred in a lot of Korean dramas or movies. Most of her projects came from a family drama. Jang Jung-hee played so well in portraying a mother in a family drama.

Let’s dig more about Jang Jung-hee by seeing her profile, background, and also movies or dramas that she’s been in. Jang Jung-hee could be in your favorite drama!

Jang Jung-hee’s Full Profile

jang jung-hee

Full name: Jang Jung-hee

Name: Jung-hee

Korean Name: 장정희

Birthdate: June 20, 1958

Birthplace: Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea

Education: Cheongju Normal School Korean Dance Department

Siblings: 6 brothers

Child: 1 son

Spouse: Lee Bae-gook

Debut year: 1983

Debut audition: KBS 10th Public Recruitment Talent, 1983

Jang Jung-hee’s Background

jang jung-hee

Before we dig into Jang Jung-hee’s projects, let’s talk about her background. How did she end up being an entertainer? When did she start acting? Where did she come from?

Well, all of the questions will be answered down below!

Jang Jung-hee was born on June 20, 1958. She was raised in a big family. She has six brothers, and she was the youngest child.

As the only daughter in the family, her brothers opposed the idea of her being an entertainer. In fact, she had wanted to join the military before she auditioned to be an entertainer. Luckily that she failed the military test, if she passed, she wouldn’t have been here right now.

jang jung-hee

It was lucky that she graduated from Cheongju Normal School, majoring in the Dance department. It led her to get a pass in the KBS audition, where they were recruiting for talent back then in 1983.

At the age of 25, Jang Jung-hee managed to join the KBS talent.

She made her drama debut three years later, where she took a role in “Ambassador Wonhyo” in 1986.

Jang Jung-hee’s Popular Movies

jang jung hee

Jang Jung-hee has debuted for more than 30 years. She has starred in a lot of movies and dramas. If you like Korean movies, you might want to put these movies on your watchlist. But let’s just talk about some of the movies that have Jang Jung-hee in them.

Let’s see the movies from Jang Jung-hee down below!

Jang Jung-hee in Postman to Heaven

jang jung hee profile

Postman to Heaven tells a story about a postman and a girl who keep writing letters. The letters that being sent are not ordinary. It was sent to the people who have died and now in heaven.

The girl (Han Hyo-joo) sent the letter to her late boyfriend. Since he passed away, it has been ages, but the girl cannot stop thinking about her boyfriend by sending him the letter. There, she met the postman. The postman (Kim Jae-joong) asked her to help him.

The postman and the girl then start to have journeyed together.

In this movie, Jang Jung-hee is portrayed as Woo-seob’s mother. This movie is a product of collaboration between Korean and Japanese entertainment.

If you’re interested in the movie, please watch the full movie!

Jang Jung-hee in Baby and Me

jang jung hee profile

Just like the title, “Baby and Me” tells a story about an abandoned baby who suddenly appears in a cart of a rebel teenage boy. Joon-soo, the boy who was about to prepare for a big party at his house, was surprised by the unknown baby who showed up right before his face.

Especially there was a letter that said the baby was his child.

Joon-soo (Jang Geun-suk) was shocked. He took the baby and started to live with the baby while searching for the mother who gave him the baby.

While looking for the girl, who probably one of his exes, Joon-soo, takes care of the baby alone since his parents give him punishment and make him have to live alone.

Joon-soo also gets help from Kim Byeol, the girl who falls in love with Joon-soo blindly. She’s ready to give everything for Joon-soo, including babysit the baby and find the mother.

In the movie, Jang Jung-hee is portrayed as Kim Byeol’s mother.

If you’re interested, you might as well put this as one of the movie watchlists that you’re going to watch later!