One of the Best Guest Stars of ‘Running Man’, Jang Hyuk: A List of Episodes and Funny Moments

Jang Hyuk

First Appearance on Running Man

Running Man is a South Korean variety show airing every Sunday afternoon on SBS. The MC’s and guests complete missions at landmarks to win the races. The members of Running Man consists of National MC Yoo Jae-suk, singer Haha, comedian Ji Seok-jin, singer Kim Jong-kook, actor Lee Kwang-soo, actress Song Ji-hyo, actress Jeon So-min, and comedian Yang Se-chan. The former members were singer Lizzy, actor Song Joong-ki, and rapper Gary.

From Running Man’s first airing on July 11, 2010, until today, there have been numerous artists invited to be guests. One of them was Jang Hyuk. He was remembered as one of the best guests on Running Man. His first appearance was brief in episode 42 which aired on May 8, 2011. Jang Hyuk is one of Kim Jong-kook’s best friends, and he happened to be filming in the same location as Running Man’s filming.

Kim Jong-kook called Jang Hyuk and asked to meet in the cafeteria. Jang Hyuk was seen walking towards Kim Jong-kook while talking to his co-star from the drama he was working on. He was wearing a nice clean suit that made him hard to recognize.

Kim Jong-kook then explained the mission rapidly to Jang Hyuk, stating that he needs to catch other Running Man members. Jang Hyuk said that he saw the members upstairs. Kim Jong-kook then asked Jang Hyuk to called him if he sees the other members during his break. Jang Hyuk said that he understood and would call him secretly. Even though they are best friends, it seemed like Jang Hyuk was being pressured by Kim Jong-kook.

Kim Jong-kook then mentioned that Jang Hyuk looked clean cut. Jang Hyuk answered it was because he was filming for the drama Midas. His character in Midas is different from The Slave Hunters. Kim Jong-kook then added that Jang Hyuk could also catch the members himself if he had time.

In the end, the one who won the game was Kang Gary who had two name tags and succeeded in eliminating Kim Jong-kook.

Officially a Guest

Jang Hyuk officially appeared on Running Man as a guest in episodes 44 and 45. The race started with a search for the guest. Whoever found the guest would be able to form their own team that would be together for the next two days. But, if the guest stayed hidden to the end, the guest would form the teams. The guest was no other than Jang Hyuk. He was determined to defeat The Commander.

Jang Hyuk’s mission was to find the four employee IDs hidden in various places within the office to eliminate all of the members. However, he was feeling unwell from suffering a 39-degree fever and actor Shin Seung-hwan became his one-day helper.