Story of Jang Hyuk and His Wife, Kim Yeo-jin with Beautiful Wedding Pictures

Married Life with Kim Yeo-jin

Maybe if people asked what Jang Hyuk had seen in Kim Yeo-jin, he might answer that Kim Yeo-jin is his life, his heart, his breath. He loves his wife that much. If he was asked how and who is his ideal type, the answer is obvious: the lovely Kim Yeo-jin. He always loves to talk about his happy married life.

Jang Hyuk said that Kim Yeo-jin is the most romantic person that he ever met. Yeo-jin is the biggest life-support for him, especially during the worst time in his work life. Their wedding made him better. Jang Hyuk ,who was known for his cool and cold charisma (because of his role in many action movies), had become more soft, romantic, emphatic, and humble, and learned so many things in life. He also admitted that he enjoys his love life with Kim Yeo-jin, and that is the most important thing in a marriage.

Well, how sweet is he? Obviously, we should pray that Jang Hyuk and Kim Yeo-jin’s family is always filled with love and happiness!