Story of Jang Hyuk and His Wife, Kim Yeo-jin with Beautiful Wedding Pictures

Real-Life Romantic Drama of Jang Hyuk

Jung Yong-joon (born on December 20, 1976) or more familiar as his stage name, Jang Hyuk, is a handsome South Korean actor who is widely known from his leading roles in the movies Volcano High (2001), Windstruck (2004), Dance of The Dragon (2008)and so on.

As a famous Korean heart-rob who steals the many hearts of his fans because of his fierceness, who here knows he has the most romantic love for his non-celebrity wife? Jang Hyuk’s wife is a dancer, Kim Yeo-jin, whom is two-years older than him. Now they are blessed with two sons and one daughter who were born on 2008, 2009, and 2015.

Many people are jealous of their union and now they know about their history of getting together because they way that they got together might only happen in a drama. Curious enough? Let’s find out !

From Puppy Love to Eternal Love

On the MBC’s talk show “Knee Drop Guru”, Jang Hyuk shared his touching story about how he met his wife and got married.

Jang Hyuk met his wife around 2002 when he was working out in a gym with his fellow actor friends. They bump into each other on the stairs when Yeo-jin walked out from gym’s shower room. “I was walking down the stairs while she was coming up and I had a weird feeling,” said Jang Hyuk.

From that time, he find out that she was a professional dancer who was also teaching in that gym. He went to the jazz dance class with 40 women inside with the intention to be acquainted with the instructor Kim Yeo-jin, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

Jang Hyuk couldn’t get her out of his mind, so he asked the director of the movie that he was acting in at that time, Please Teach Me English, to include the dancing scene. When the director approved Jang Hyuk’s idea, he asked Kim Yeo-jin to recommend a tap dance instructor for the movie. Since then, they naturally developed their relationship and began dating.

Good job, Jang Hyuk!