Jang Hee-ryung: Profile, Acting, Chemistry with Choi Woo-shik and Her Circle-of-Friends

jang hee ryung

The Model-Turns-Actress, Find More About Jang Hee-ryung’s Full Information!

Jang Hee-ryung was gained a lot of attention from her acting appearance in many movie projects, especially in web drama! Before acting appearance, she became a model for a music video, fashion, and many more. Let’s find out the whole information about Jang Hee-ryung here!

Jang Hee-ryung’s Profile


Birth Name: Jang Hee-ryung (장희령)

Stage Name: Jang Hee-ryung (장희령)

Date of Birth: Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, November 11, 1993

Age: 27 years old

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 170 cm

Education: Gyeongsang National University (Horticulture)

Occupation: Actress, Model

Years Active: 2004 – present

Label: JYP Entertainment

Jang Hee-ryung’s Acting Appearance


Jang Hee-ryung was often spotted as a supporting role in a bunch of K-Dramas, but she got the main role in many web dramas as well! Her acting appearance was also acknowledged by people who made her receive a lot of compliments. Let’s take a look at Jang Hee-ryung’s best appearance in web drama here:

Jang Hee-ryung in Mysterious Nurse


The web drama was starred by Jang Hee-ryung and INFINITE‘s Sungjoon, which gained a lot of attention from the fans! Mysterious Nurse was narrating the story about Woo Hyun-woo, a psychiatrist who’s obsessed with success and good achievement. She met with a mysterious nurse named Bae Soo-ah.


The story was filled with a fantasy-drama theme that focused on a guy who found real happiness while he experienced such a hard time, as well as a woman who had special ability after her accident.


In Mysterious Nurse, Jang Hee-ryung was played the role of Bae Soo-ah. She was worked as a nurse who looked quite mysterious, even other people also considering her ‘psychopath.’ Bae Soo-ah used to experience an accident in the past, it also made her have to undergo a corneal transplant on her eyes which lead her to had such a special ability: being able to see death!

Jang Hee-ryung in Momin’s Room


Momin’s Room was a web drama which has released in November 2016. Jang Hee-ryung was in charge of the female main role named Momin and appeared with her co-star actor Lee Gi-kwang who played the role of Won. Momin’s Room was narrating the story about the youthful generation who experienced love, friendship, and family problems within their life. Other than that, the story is narrated about copyright issues.


Jang Hee-ryung was portraying Lee Momin, who was known as a 23 years old woman who moved from Jeju Island to Seoul, and she started to make a lasting friendship. However, at first, she was known as a woman with boundaries since she has tried to keep her physical and emotional space from people. With the other three guys who surrounded her, they have always been used various tricks to cross Momin’s boundaries in such a funny way.

Jang Hee-ryung in Some Guy


The web drama Some Guy was also known as The Boy Next Door. It was revealed the story about the friendship between Park Kyu-tae and Sung Ji-jae. Both of them used to disliking each other and went into an awkward situation every time they met. Due to a certain accident, they have to live together.


Their funny and weird interaction made the neighborhood around the apartment feel misunderstood about their relationship. They believed that Park Kyu-tae and Sung Ji-jae had a romantic relationship. People also caught them up in an awkward situation, such as their position looked like people who were kissing or anything else!


Meanwhile, Jung Hwee-ryung was played the role of Kim Min-ah. She was a good friend with both Park Kyu-tae and Sung Gi-jae, but the two guys didn’t realize that. Due to their hilarious and awkward moment, Kim Min-ah and her boyfriend believed that Park Kyu-tae and Sung Gi-jae were a ‘gay’ couple who lived together.

Jang Hee-ryung’s Chemistry with Actor Choi Woo-shik


After Jang Hee-ryung and Choi Woo-shik‘s appearance in Some Guy, the fans seemed to be couldn’t get over their adorable chemistry! Their chemistry was also portrayed through their vintage photoshoot as a ‘couple’ for fashion magazine CeCi. It was reported that the two of them have always been close to each other as friends and colleagues, which made the chemistry has grown into such comfortable feelings.


No wonder Jang Hee-ryung and Choi Woo-shik came from the same label JYP Entertainment which built a good friendship between them. Even though Choi Woo-shik was moved to another label eventually, their friendship and chemistry remained the same!

Before their acting appearance, Jang Hee-ryung and Choi Woo-shik appeared together as a model for music video! They were made a great appearance in DAY6’s Congratulations music video, which released in September 2015. Through the MV, Choi Woo-shik was a guy who was left by his girlfriend which roled by Jang Hee-ryung.

Jang Hee-ryung’s Friendship Circle with Female K-Pop Artist


As an actress, Jang Hee-ryung must have been met with a bunch of other K-Pop idols or K-Pop celebrities. It also leads her to make a couple of friendship circles recognized by the fans! Even though she has spent time with a lot of celebrity or non-celebrity friends, the most recognizable friendship is Jang Hee-ryung with Bae Suzy and Jang Hee-ryung with Kim Go-eun.

Since Jang Hee-ryung and Suzy were scouted under JYP Entertainment, they became very close and hung out together several times. Through their Instagram account, Jang Hee-ryung and Suzy posted their 80s theme photoshoot while going to Jeju Island.


Other than that, Jang Hee-ryung also made a good friendship circle with Kim Go-eun. They used to spend a day off together, and it also caught up through their social media updates! The two actresses also spent time together with other friends who made such a great night-time of girls’ date. Jang Hee-ryung and Kim Go-eun were looking adorable and comfy with winter outfits, surrounded by Christmas trees and gleaming decorations!


That was all of the information about Jang Hee-ryung! She marked her acting appearance through many dramas and web dramas, and people always looking forward to her upcoming project. What’s your favorite appearance from her acting?

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