South Korean Actor Jang Hang-sun: Profile and Facts

jang hangsun

Jang Hang-sun, the Korean Actor

Having been active as an actor since the age of 28, Jang Hang-sun is known to have starred in countless movies and television dramas. Even though he only received one award as Best Supporting Actor for his acting in The King and the Clown at the 14th Chunsa Film Art Awards in 2006, Jang Hang-sun’s skill is not to be trifled with. It is proven as he has acted in notable works, such as KBS2’s Winter Sonata, KBS2’s King of Baking, Kim Takgu, Seven Days, and The Devil’s Game. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Jang Hang-sun, which includes his full profile and a list of his television dramas and films. So, keep reading!

Jang Hang-sun’s Full Profile

jang hangsun

Birth Name: Kim Bong Soo

Stage Name: Jang Hang Sun

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 22 February 1947

Age: 72 (Korean age) / 71 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Astrology: Pig

Nationality: South Korean

Education: Seong Euk University

Spouse: Kim Hye Sik

Children: 1 (a son actor named Kim Hyuk)

List of Jang Hang-sun’s TV Show and Movie

jang hangsun

As has been explained at the beginning, Jang Hang-sun is an actor who is trusted by the scriptwriter and the director of dramas to act in supporting roles. He often gets roles as the parent of the lead role who has big influence on the story. Even though his roles are secondary, Jang Hang-sun always does a great job, which has been proven by the fact that he has been nominated as Best Supporting Actor at two awards events, and won the award once. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series and films that Jang Hang-sun has starred in.

1975 – KBS Comrades

1991 – MBC Eyes of Dawn (Supporting Role as OOE Oh Jang)

1993 – I Will Survive

1994 – MBC The Last Match (as Yoon Chul-jun’s father)

1994 – Police (as Supporting Role)

1994 – Close an Eye (as Supporting Role)

1994 – KBS2 Han Myung-hoi (Supporting Role as Hong Dal-son)

1995 – SBS Sandglass (Supporting Role as Investigator Jang)

1995 – KBS2 A Sunny Place of the Young (as Supporting Role)

1996 – KBS1 Tears of the Dragon (Supporting Role as Jo Young-moo)

1996 – SBS Wang Rung’s Land (Supporting Role as Yi Soo)

1998 – Birdcage Inn (Supporting Role as Father)

1999 – Tell Me Something (Supporting Role as Detective Oh)

2000 – The Foul King (Supporting Role as Jang Gwan-jang)

2000 – The Isle (Supporting Role as Middle-aged man)

2000 – KBS1 Emperor Wang Gun (Supporting Role as Wang Pyul-dal)

2000 – MBC The Golden Era (as Supporting Role)

2001 – KBS2 Pretty Woman / Pretty Lady (Supporting Lady as Han Man-shik)

2001 – SBS Guardian Angel (Supporting Role as Ha Deok-ho)

2001 – KBS2 Winter Sonata (Guest Role as Supervisor Min)

2001 – This is Law (as Supporting Role)

2002 – KBS2 Sunshine Hunting (Supporting Role as Shim Dal-keun)

2002 – SBS Daemang / The Great Ambition (Supporting Role as Byun Hwang-su)

2002 – KBS1 TV Novel: Buni (Supporting Role as Bae Il-joon)

2002 – My Beautiful Girl, Mari (Supporting Role as Junho’s father)

2003 – Oh! Happy Day (Supporting Role as Kong Jang-geun)

2003 – MBC Scent of a Man (Supporting Role as Kwon Hyuk-soo’s father)

2003 – MBC Rosemary (Supporting Role as Shin In-sik)

2003 – Happy Ero Christmas (Supporting Role as Ero chairman)

2003 – The Wolf Returns (Supporting Role as Manager Lee)

2004 – Superstar Mr. Gam (as Supporting Role)

2005 – Ghost House (Supporting Role as Jang Kil-bok)

2005 – MBC Pharmacist Kim’s Daughters (Supporting Role as Jung Kuk-joo)

2005 – SBS Three-Leaf Clover (Supporting Role as Lee Jung-man)

2005 – The King and the Clown (Supporting Role as Cheo Shin)

2006 – Never to Lose (Supporting Role as Yook Chul-goo)

2006 – Lost in Love (Supporting Role as Uncle)

2006 – KBS1 Seoul 1945 (Supporting Role as Kim Pan-chul, Hye-kyung’s / Ke-hee’s father)

2006 – SBS Yeon Gaesomun (as Supporting Role)

2006 – SBS Lovers (Supporting Role as Baek Han-seon)

2006 – Big Bang (Supporting Role as Shim Pyung-seob)

2007 – MBC The Legend (Supporting Role as Heukgae, Jun-ho’s chief)

2007 – For Eternal Hearts (as Guest Role)

2007 – Seven Days (Supporting Role as Sa Moo-jang)

2008 – tvN Fight (Supporting Role as Kang Kwan-jang)

2008 – The Devil’s Game (Supporting Role as Park Chang-ha)

2009 – Chaw (Supporting Role as Chin Il-man)

2009 – KBS2 The Slingshot / A Man’s Story (Supporting Role as President Chae Do-soo)

2009 – SBS Jejungwon (Supporting Role as Hwang Jung-byu / “Yard Dog”)

2010 – KBS2 King of Baking, Kim Takgu (Supporting Role as Oh Doo-young / Master Pal-bong)

2010 – KBS2 Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho (Supporting Role as Monk)

2010 – SBS I Am Legend (Supporting Role as Go Jin-bae)

2010 – KBS2 Detectives in Trouble / Crime Squad (Supporting Role as Team Leader Kwon Young-sool)

2011 – JTBC Padam Padam (Supporting Role as Detective Jung, Ji-na’s father)

2011 – Channel A Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (Supporting Role as Jung Goo-gwang)

2011 – Hanji / Scooping Up the Moonlight (Supporting Role as Monk Doam)

2011 – Mama (Supporting Role as Deok-soo)

2012 – SBS Plus Full House Take 2 (Supporting Role as Jang Man-ok’s grandfather)

2014 – KBS2 Big Man (Supporting Role as Jo Hwa-soo)

2014 – MBC Pride and Prejudice (Supporting Role as Yoo Dae-gi)

2018 – Sunset in My Hometown (Supporting Role as Hak-soo’s father)