Jang Geun-suk Is Still Continuing His Military Service with Bipolar Disorder

Enlistment Announcement and Placement

In July of 2018, it was announced by Jang Geun-suk’s representative that he will enlist on July 16th, 2018. This announcement was very sudden as it only came 10 days before he was due to enlist. There was talk that he will enlist in 2018, but it was always to be in active duty. Yet, along with this announcement came the news that he was to enlist as a level 4 public service worker, which shocked some fans.

This enlistment date came after a re-examination with the Military Manpower Association as Jang Geun-suk never requested for a delay in enlistment. Due to his mental condition, his enlistment as a public service worker is going to last for 2 years, and he will not need to first be enrolled in the training center meant for military service. Instead, he will be enrolled to the Military Manpower Association’s Social Service Training Center. This will also allow him to have a quiet enlistment compared to other celebrities.

Unlike other celebrities enlisting in active duty, he does not plan on having a celebration or a meeting with fans prior to the enlistment near the training center. This is due to the location and the disorder that conditioned him into enlisting as a public social worker. He is assigned to the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters.

Mental Disorder Diagnosis

In his enlistment announcement, it was revealed that he was enrolled as a public service worker not because of his physical inability but because of the mental disorder he was diagnosed with in 2011. This diagnosis of bipolar disorder was done at a university hospital and every other physical examination thereafter. This is the reason he is not allowed to enlist as a level 4 soldier even though he expressed his desire to do so in the past.

His entertainment company also revealed that he has worked extremely hard to overcome his condition through medication and other efforts. This is due to the side effects he experienced as someone who has bipolar disorder. They also relayed his message of sincere apology for not being able to get satisfactory results.