Find Out More About Jang Dong-yoon and Kim So-hyun’s Chemistry In ‘The Tale of Nokdu’

Jang Dong-yoon and Kim So-hyun’s Off-screen Moments

It was well known beforehand that Jang Dong-yoon and Kim Sohyun were very close to each other and their chemistry in acting in The Tale of Nokdu also looked very good. As for their mutual comments about one another especially about Jang Dong-yoon, a successful male actor transformed into a very beautiful woman in this drama.

In the press conference of The Tale of Nokdu conducted on October 1, 2019, Kim Sohyun considered that Jang Dong-yoon was more beautiful than her. This is not because it is without any reason, but it is attracting public attention is the appearance of Jang Dong-yoon looks very beautiful and his voice feels feminine. Not only Kim Sohyun, the staff at the set also praised Jang Dong-yoon’s beauty. But underneath it all, much has to be done by Jang Dong-yoon and the drama crew of The Tale of Nokdu.

For changing a man’s appearance into a woman, director Kim Dong-hwi expressed his concern about this. “As a director, I am most worried about how we should use computer graphics [to cover] the Adam’s Adam’s apple,” he said. But the concern changed after he met with Jang Dong-yoon. “It turns out that Jang Dong-yoon barely has Adam’s apple,” he explained.

Looking for the female version of Nokdu’s voice is a challenge for Jang Dong-yoon. Moreover, he wants to change the voice for his character. “There are women who have a low voice, but I want to show something different. My voice cannot be too high because it will be comical, so I did a lot of preparation and discussion to find a middle ground,” explained Jang Dong-yoon.

Besides Kim Sohyun’s praise for the beauty of Jang Dong-yoon, the crew also uploaded the shooting process of The Tale of Nokdu, which showed the closeness and chemistry of the two young actors and actresses. 

As usual, Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon will practice the scene before the actual shooting process. Kim Sohyun who appeared to be wearing a thick blanket hugged from behind Jang Dong-yoon who was wearing a coat.

Interestingly, Jang Dong-yoon seemed to enjoy being hugged by Kim Sohyun. “What are you (Jang Dong-yoon) doing. PD nim …,” Kim Sohyun shouted as his co-star held his hand. “That’s because Nokdu likes you,” the production staff said. Hilariously, Jang Dong-yoon confidently admitted he had a crush on Kim Sohyun, and it was not a drama dialogue. “Right. I like you, that’s why. Yes, I like you,” said Jang Dong-yoon.

Hearing Jang Dong-yoon’s words, a staff member of The Tale of Nokdu loudly admitted to having a crush on Kim Sohyun. Jang Dong-yoon and Kim Sohyun laughed out loud at that.

The Tale of Nokdu finished on November 25, 2019. This drama ended the screening with a happy ending between Dongju and Nokdu, who eventually married. Once finished, Kim Sohyun, through her personal Instagram account, said goodbye to the loyal viewers of The Tale of Nokdu. The 1999-born actress uploaded a photo of herself wearing a blanket on the set.


During these six months, I am thrilled to be able to live as Dongju. I firmly believe that Dongju will continue to live happily. Until now, thank you all for being together. For our family #TheTaleofNokdu, I love you all,” wrote Kim Sohyun.


Kim Sohyun’s farewell post from the drama The Tale of Nokdu immediately flooded comments from South Korean netizens. Many gave extravagant praise for the perfection of Kim Sohyun being the character of Dongju.

Actress Kim Sohyun, who does well and cares about other actors, has grown well. I always support you.” commented by a fan, “Rediscovery of Kim Sohyun: strong acting skills, broad tolerance, and caring soul.” added another comment from one of the fans.

Kim Sohyun is very good at acting. She is beautiful, and her life is straight. Let’s walk on the flowering streets.” comments from other fans. “The rediscovery of actor Kim Sohyun! He didn’t miss any emotions. I can’t imagine Dong Joo’s figure if it wasn’t Kim Sohyun. Mainly, I can’t do a do scene where you show your pretty face and hold back sadness. I wish you much success. Love you. “

There were comments from the viewers who watched The Tale of Nokdu and a fan of Kim Sohyun.

Once The Tale of Nokdu finished, Kim Sohyun also conducted interviews with local media. The actress who starred in Radio Romance K-drama claimed she still could not let go of the character she played to have vanished.

I still can’t let Dong Joo go. When I heard the OST, I cried. I watched the last episode with everyone, and my tears just came out,” Kim Sohyun said.


Kim Sohyun was then asked to respond to the wishes of fans who wished there was The Tale of Nokdu season 2. Interestingly, the actress from the drama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask bluntly claimed she also wanted to film season 2.

All the characters are charming, bright, and interesting. Thanks to the audience who enjoyed our drama, it was enjoyable to the extent that I wanted to shoot season 2 alone,” added Kim Sohyun.

Besides that, the closeness of Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon can be seen from some of their interactions when promoting The Tale of Nokdu outside the K-Drama showtimes. Let’s look more fully at the interaction of Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon when off-air!

Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon attended their schedule on KBS Cool FM ‘Jung Eunji’s Music Plaza.’ A-Pink’s Eunji, who was present as a DJ on the radio show, held a talk show with the lead role of The Tale of Nokdu and asked, “What about your chemistry?

Then, Jang Dong-yoon replied, “We’ve become a lot closer during drama preparation. The director is worried. He said we can’t be too close like a sibling,” and some clips about the behind the scenes filming of The Tale of Nokdu which shows their childish fighting when they are in the middle of a break and play together.

As for other things when they were in the promotion of The Tale of Nokdu, Jang Dong-yoon said that there would be a bromance scene in this drama, and it was followed by the gaze of Kim Sohyun who looked very nervous between Jang Dong-yoon and actor Kang Tae-oh. Then Kim Sohyun said, “The two of them even called each other with ‘honey’ while on the set.”

Then when the MC asked Kim Sohyun, “Who do you like the most? (among the cast)” Then Jang Dong-yoon looked very hopeful that the actress would answer the question by saying her name, although in the end Kim Sohyun skipped answering the question and said, “This is not the time for Dongju (her role in The Tale of Nokdu) to fall in love. was also a question from the press conference of The Tale of Nokdu, where a reporter asked, “Why were you guys laughing while watching the highlight video?” Then Jang Dong-yoon replied, “Since we’re still shooting, we haven’t seen the results yet. So when we watch the video, it reminds us of that time.” Kim Sohyun, who was holding back her laughter, also answered, “We joked a lot on the set, we also bickering a lot. That’s why we are a bit embarrassed to see the scenes where we look at each other or fall in love.”

Even though they both look suitable as a couple, Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon also feel a little awkward and nervous about clashing with one another, especially this is their first time meeting and immediately have to build good chemistry to fit the role characters in The Tale of Nokdu.

Let’s see more interactions about Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon in the video below:


That’s all complete information about the chemistry built by Jang Dong-yoon and Kim Sohyun when they both acted as a couple Dongju and Nokdu. Although in real life they are quite different adrift of age with Jang Dong-yoon, who is older than Kim Sohyun, they can make the characters in The Tale of Nokdu become more memorable with their acting skills and chemistry with each other. Let’s support Jang Dong-yoon and Kim Sohyun to see their appearance in their new drama as soon as possible!