Jang Dong-gun Profile, Songs, Movies and TV Shows List

List of Jang Dong-gun’s Songs

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Even though he is mostly known as an actor and commercial star, Jang Dong-gun has apparently released songs and albums of his own, either as a soloist or in a duet with another artist. Not only has he released traditional songs, Jang Dong-gun has also sung on the original soundtracks of his dramas and movies, as well. Thus, in this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs and albums by Jang Dong-gun that you may want to check out!

1993 – The Road To You (original soundtrack for MBC drama’s Our Heaven / Our Paradise 2)

1993 – With Justice and Peace For All (first solo album)

1994 – Friendship (project album with Jeon Cheol)

1995 – Flying (second solo album)

1998 – Bon Seung & Dong Gun (project album with Goo Bon-seung)

2001 – I Really Hope So (a track included in Dong Gam: Sympathy 1970~2001. June)

2002 – From Film (original soundtrack of The Coast Guard)

2010 – We Online: Actor’s Choice

2012 – More Than Me (original soundtrack of SBS drama’s A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Jang Dong-gun’s Wedding

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On 2 May 2010, Jang Dong-gun officially stepped in to the aisle with actress Go So-young to vow the lifetime promise, being one in the matrimony in Hotel Shilla at 5 P.M. Before the ceremony began, Jang Dong-gun and Go So-young who were expecting their 3 months baby held a press event, “We were grateful for the interest from fans, although there were times when the pressure was getting too much. But at least for today, we are very grateful. People say you get really nervous when you walk down the aisle, and the whole wedding experience starts to sink in. We went to the hospital a few days ago, and the baby is healthy. We don’t know yet whether it will be a boy or a girl, but personally, I hope it is a girl resembling So-young”. On the other hand, Ko So-young expressed that she feels exalted and stated that she and Jang Dong-gun will lead a great life together. The grand wedding was held in private and officiated by former culture minister Lee Oh-young.

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Reportedly, 70 bodyguards were on duty at the wedding, whereas the flower decoration is designed by world-renowned florist Jeff Leatham and directed by Hotel Shilla senior vice president Lee Boo-jin who is also Go So-young’s friend. Many famous Korean celebrities, mostly actors and actresses, attended Jang Dong-gun and Go So-young’s wedding, such as Lee Byung-hun, Rain, Kwon Sang-woo, Park Jong-hoon, Shin Seung-hoon, and Hyun Bin. In addition, The couple spent the night at the hotel and set off on a five-day honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia. They will live in a villa in Heukseok-dong, Seoul.

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After their wedding, the bits of Jang Dong-gun and Go So-young’s marriage has been revealed several times to the public. On 9 July 2012, Go So-young became the guest appearance for MBC’s Healing Camp. During the show, the MC who is also an actor Lee Kyung-kyu asked whether there was the time when Go So-young come on the verge of breaking up with Jang Dong-gun. Surprisingly (or not), Go So-young confirmed the question by the long and detailed answer, “There was only one time after things got serious between us. Because we have been living our own separate lives for such a long time, it was hard to accommodate to each other. As a woman, I still had marriage and birth to fulfill in my lifetime, so I seriously could not live like I was in my 20s. But guys usually get married later than girls do. So it was the same for Jang Dong-gun. He likes friends; he likes alcohol so I did not want to tell him to change his lifestyle just for me. I came to a conclusion that Jang Dong-gun was not ready for marriage, so I told him ‘let’s just be friends. But then, he changed his pattern showed his efforts and I could see that he was serious about our relationship”.

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On 2 March 2017, Jang Dong-gun and Go So-young were seen to attend the entrance ceremony for their son, Jang Jun-hyeok who is going into the first grade of elementary school these days. The actor and actress couple showed their immense love and support at that day while during the event, they were also spotted casually chatting with other parents.

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Hopefully, Jang Dong-gun and Go So-young’s marriage will indeed last for the lifetime!