Jang Dong-gun Profile, Songs, Movies and TV Shows List

jang donggun

Jang Dong-gun, the Korean Actor

Stepping into the showbiz world of South Korea after winning a talent contest in 1992, Jang Dong-gun has maintained his top position in the said industry. Already having received notable awards during his 25 year career, namely Best New Actor in the television category due to his acting in The Last Match atthe 30th Baeksang Arts Awards in 1994, Top Excellence Award in the Actor category due to his acting in Medical Brothers at the MBC Drama Awards in 1997, Best Actor due to his acting in Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War at the 43rd Grand Bell Awards in 2006, and Actor of the Year due to his acting in VIP at the 5th Marie Claire Asia Star Awards in 2017, it is not a wonder that Jang Dong-gun has remained a top actor who has not only starred in dramas and movies but also becomes the hottest commercial star ever. He has been revealed as one of the highest paid actors in South Korea. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Jang Dong-gun, including his full profile, the list of his television dramas and movies, his discography, and his wedding. So, keep reading!

Jang Dong-gun’s Full Profile

jang donggun

Real Name: Jang Dong Gun

Date of Birth: Yongsan District, Seoul, South Korea, 7 March 1972

Age: 47 (Korean age) / 46 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Astrology: Rat

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Blood Type: O

Religion: Buddhist

Education: Korea National University of Arts Schol of Drama (dropped out)

Spouse: Go So Young (married since 2010)

Children: 2 (a son named Jang Jun-hyeok and a daughter named Jang Yoon-seol)

Agency: SM Culture & Contents

Official Website: www.jangdonggun.co.kr

List of Jang Dong-gun’s Movies and TV Shows

jang donggun

As was stated at the beginning of this, Jang Dong-gun is an A-list actor in South Korea as his work projects (mostly movies) are a mega-hit whenever they are released. Even though most of the characters he has played in movies are very serious, Jang Dong-gun has also been able to play other kinds of characters. Perhaps one of his most popular role is Kim Do-jin in A Gentleman’s Dignity back in 2012. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series and films that Jang Dong-gun has appeared in.

1992 – MBC Our Heaven / Our Paradise 2 (as Main Role)

1993 – MBC Il Ji Mae (Main Role as Iljimae)

1994 – MBC The Last Match (Main Role as Yoon Chul-jun)

1996 – SBS Icing (Main Role as Yoon Chan)

1996 – SBS Medical Brothers (Main Role as Kim Su-hyung)

1997 – SBS Model (Main Role as Lee Jung)

1997 – MBC Myth of a Hero (Main Role as Kim Tae-woo)

1997 – Repechage (Main Role as Min-gyu)

1997 – Holiday In Seoul (Main Role as Taxi driver)

1998 – First Kiss (as Cameo)

1998 – MBC Ready Go! (Main Role as Shin Ji-soo)

1998 – MBC Love (Main Role as Jung In-ha)

1999 – SBS Springtime (Main Role as Kang Hyun-woo)

1999 – SBS Ghost (Main Role as Jang Dae-hyup)

1999 – Love Wind Love Song (Main Role as Tae-hee)

1999 – Nowhere to Hide (Supporting Role as Detective Kim)

2000 – Anarchists (Main Role as Seregay / Sergei)

2000 – MBC All About Eve (Main Role as Yoon Hyung-chul)

2001 – Friend (Main Role as Lee Han Dong-su)

2002 – 2009 Lost Memories (Main Role as Masayuki Sakamoto)

2002 – The Coast Guard (Main Role as Private Kang Sang-byeong)

2004 – Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War (Main Role as Lee Jin-tae)

2005 – Typhoon (Main Role as Shin)

2005 – The Promise (Main Role as Kunlun, the slave)

2009 – Good Morning, President (Main Role as Cha Ji-wook)

2010 – The Warrior’s Way (Main Role as Yang)

2011 – My Way (Main Roke as Kim Jun-sik)

2012 – Dangerous Liaisons (Main Role as Xie Yifan)

2012 –SBS A Gentleman’s Dignity (Main Role as Kim Do-jin)

2013 – Friend: The Great Legacy (Main Role as Dong-su)

2014 – No Tears for the Dead (Main Role as Killer Gon)

2017 – VIP (Main Role as Park Jae-hyuk)

2018 – Seven Years of Night (Main Role as Oh Young-je)

2018 – KBS Suits (Main Role as Choi Kyung-seo)

2018 – Rampant (Main Role as Kim Ja-joon)

2020 – Once Loved You Distressed Forever (Main Role as Xu Zhi)