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Latest News About Taeyong and Jaehyun

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NCT’s Jaehyun and Monsta X’s Minhyuk Meet Up in Chicago

Both NCT and Monsta X performed at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash on December 7. The location was at Rosemont’s Allstate in Illinois. The two groups performed on the stage with  performances from American artists like Katty Perry, Camila Cabello, Marshmello, Normani, Lil Tecca, and AJ Mitchell.

After the show ended,Minhyuk and Jaehyun took a picture together and posted it on their official Twitter accounts. Currently, the the idols have become the co-hosts at SBS ‘Inkigayo’. But due to their activities abroad, both were unable to appear on the December 8th episode.

On the NCT official account, Jaehyun uploaded two photos of himself posing with his co-host friend Minhyuk, and added some Korean word play on the caption. It says, “Even in Chicago, where do you go? Inkigayo.”  

Minhyuk posted a short clip, where the two idols jokingly pretended to host ‘Inkigayo’ on their day off. Jaehyun asked, “Where do you want to go on Sunday?” and Minyuk responds with, “Live, it’s SBS ‘Inkigayo’!”. Minhyuk also wrote a the caption with, “Inkigayo family reunion in the United States”.

Here is the short video from Monsta X’s official Twitter account:

NCT’s Taeyong’s First Solo Photoshoot, Talks About the Inspiration for His Song ‘Long Flight’

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On August 20, Taeyong shot his first solo photoshoot for the September issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’. The photoshoot session took place after Taeyong returned from his overseas schedule, and it was a fun playground for him. This drew applause from the onlookers for his expert modeling.

In the interview session following the shoot, Taeyong said:

“I like long flights because they give me time alone to think. The song ‘Long Flight’ are  thoughts that came into my mind in plane, because having ice cream for dessert was so nice. And seeing the sky turn into purple for the first time was also nice as well.” 

Taeyong also shared what he wanted to do during the summer, “Before summer done, Iwant to feel the cold wind at the Han river at night, or talk and have something cold to eat after a hard workout with the other NCT members.”

nct jaehyun taeyong

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