NCT’s Jaemin and Jeno: Friendship with the Strongest Bond

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Best Friend Challenge, Jaemin and Jeno Version

Seeing idols’ chemistry with one another makes us jealous sometimes. How can we not when the idols’ friendship is just as strong as a rock. Then again, the idols have been together for years. They went through hardship and went up and down together. No wonder their bond is just too tight.

So, which idols’ BFF couples are we going to talk about in this article?

It’s Jaemin and Jeno!

Both of them have been a trainee in SM Entertainment since they were young. They attended schools together and debuted in the same unit of NCT, NCT Dream, in 2016. Since then, we can’t see Jaemin without Jeno and the other way around. Are you curious about the moments that show Jaemin and Jeno’s closeness? Let’s check out below!

Jaemin and Jeno Pre Debut

jaemin jeno nct dream pre debut predebut

Jaemin and Jeno both entered SM Entertainment in 2013. Both of them were 13 by the international age and 14 in the Korean age system. Unlike Jaemin, Jeno was a child actor back then, and he starred in some commercials as a child. Jaemin was born in Jeonju-si, while Jeno was born in Incheon.

But they both crossed path while they became a trainee in SM Entertainment and got introduced as SM Rookies. Jeno was introduced to the public in 2013, along with Seulgi of Red Velvet and Taeyong of NCT 127. As for Jaemin, he was introduced to the public in 2015.

Let’s check out the journey of Jaemin and Jeno when they were trainees!

Jaemin and Jeno in “Mickey Mouse Club”

jaemin jeno mickey mouse club

Jaemin and Jeno were two of the official members or Mouseketeers of “Mickey Mouse Club”. Besides them, there were other SM Rookies such as Mark, Donghyuck (now known as Haechan), Jisung, Hina, Herin, Koeun, and Lami. The show aired in 2015 on Disney Channel and hosted by Leeteuk of Super Junior.

jaemin jeno pre debut mickey mouse

At that time, Jaemin and Jeno were still 15 years old or 16 years old in the Korean age. Just look at how cute the boys when they were younger!

jaemin jeno mickey mouse club sm rookies
mickey mouse club jeno jaemin nct sm rookies
nct dream jeno jaemin mickey mouse club
jaemin jeno nct pre debut mickey mouse club

They were also close with other SM Rookies, the male and female trainees. Too bad that the female trainees left SM Entertainment. However, the male trainees debuted along with Jaemin and Jeno in NCT Dream!

Jaemin and Jeno as SOPA’s students

jaemin jeno pre debut sopa

Jaemin and Jeno entered SM Entertainment when they were 13 or 14 years old. Since they had to move to Seoul and left their hometowns, they dropped out of their middle schools. However, both Jaemin and Jeno took a Middle School Graduation Examination and passed.

After that, Jaemin and Jeno attended the same high school, Seoul of Performing Arts, or SOPA. This is a school where many Korean actors, actresses, K-pop idols, or trainees went to. Some K-pop idols from SM Entertainment, such as Sehun and Kai from EXO, Taeyong from NCT, Seulgi and Joy from Red Velvet, also attended SOPA.

jaemin jeno mark haechan sopa pre debut

The same as them, Jaemin and Jeno’s fellow Mouseketeers in “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, Mark, Donghyuck (now known as Haechan), and Hina also attended the same school.

jaemin jeno hina pre debut sopa

No wonder their bond is so strong. Jaemin and Jeno have been through a lot, not only trainee stuff but also school stuff too!

Jaemin and Jeno with NCT Dream

jaemin jeno haechan debut chewing gum

Jaemin and Jeno, as trainees, might have a tight friendship. They became trainees in the same year, went to the same schools, and became members of the same show. Can you imagine if they debuted in the same group? Well, don’t, because they are actually debuting in the same group! Jaemin and Jeno debuted as members of NCT Dream, one of NCT units, in 2016.

Let’s check out their debut song’s music video here!

Both of them were young and cute back then. That probably because Jaemin and Jeno still teenagers. But they have passed many years in NCT Dream, and no one can believe that the cute boys from a song called “Chewing Gum” have grown up.

Don’t get shocked. Here are the proofs of the adults Jaemin and Jeno!

jaemin jeno rooftop fight

Well, well. Time surely flies so fast, right?

Jaemin and Jeno’s Top Vlive

jaemin jeno vlive

As members of the same group, they spent times together a lot. Especially when NCT Dream has content to show to fans, Jaemin and Jeno were seen together, as usual. Sometimes with other members in NCT Dream, sometimes just the two of them alone.

jaemin jeno vlive

The chemistry between Jaemin and Jeno also has been known around fans (and even non-fans). So, fans who like their friendship can watch one of the broadcast live of Jaemin and Jeno that you can find in their Vlive.

They talked about many things, such as their favorite things, what they have been up to, even comeback spoilers.

It was fun when Jaemin and Jeno had a Vlive with other members in NCT Dream, but it was sweet to see Jaemin and Jeno alone, right?

Jaemin and Jeno’s Battle Trip

jaemin jeno

Jaemin and Jeno once became guests in a variety show called Battle Trip. Battle Trip is a KBS program which is about two groups of celebrities’ trips to somewhere. The audiences can see their trips documentary, and they can also explain it themselves since they are invited to the studio.

jaemin jeno battle trip

Jaemin and Jeno had blonde hair color, making them look like a real brother.

jaemin jeno battle trip

Jaemin and Jeno went to some places in Busan. They also tried out the tasty culinary there. While enjoying the food, Jaemin and Jeno took each others’ pictures. Such bestfriend goals! Now, who wants to go on a trip with their best friend after seeing Jaemin and Jeno’s Battle Trip? Please hit your best friend up after seeing Jaemin and Jeno!


That’s all the information about Jaemin and Jeno’s tight chemistry. No wonder their relationship is so strong. They have been together since middle school, high school, and adults too. Let’s support Jaemin and Jeno’s projects in the future! You can also check other articles about Jaemin and Jeno or other NCT members in Channel-Korea. Cheers!