Profile of NCT 127’s Jaehyun: Name, Birthday, Height and Facts


Jaehyun the Valentine Boy from NCT U and NCT 127

NCT is a new boy group concept, described as having an unlimited number of members, formed by SM Entertainment. The group promotes itself in different sub-units. The main sub-units are: NCT UNCT 127 and NCT Dream.

Jeong Yoon-oh, or as we know him, Jaehyun, is part of NCT U and NCT 127. His aura varies between NCT U and NCT 127 and he is good at switching it between the two sub-units. Now let’s see a full profile of Jaehyun and his fun facts!

Full Profile of NCT’s Jaehyun

Real Name : Jung Yoon-oh

Stage Name : Jaehyun

Position : Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper

Date of Birth : February 14 1997

Age : 21 years old

Height : 182 cm

Weight : 63 kg

Zodiac : Aquarius

Religion : Christian

Blood Type : A

Nationality : Korean

Hobbies : Playing the Piano, Playing Sports

Strengths: Happy Virus, Cutie

Weaknesses: Very sensitive at times

Specialty: Rap, Piano, Basketball

Fun Facts About NCT’s Jaehyun

Jaehyun is the lead vocalist of NCT. He’s part of the NCT-U company, which has six members: Taeil, Taeyoung, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun and Mark. Kun and Winwin had previously been in this group in China to promote their own group. Jaehyun has played piano in NCT. His position in the band is as a vocalist.

Jaehyun lived in England for 4 years, but he felt uncomfortable because he was bored. Jaehyun is the type who likes freedom. People call him ‘Casper because he has very white skin. At the age of 11 he moved to Korea and started school. Let’s look at other facts about Jaehyun!

  1. His favorite foods are meat, spicy pork, peaches, and green tea ice cream.
  2. His favorite season is Spring.
  3. His favorite artist is IU.
  4. His role model is EXO’s Kyungsoo.
  5. His favorite color is white.
  6. Jaehyun and Seventeen’s DK went to the same school. In a radio interview, DK said that back then he didn’t dare to speak to Jaehyun because he was too handsome.
  7. He is friends with BTS’s Jungkook, GOT7’s Bambam & Yugyeom, and SEVENTEEN’s DK, Mingyu & The8. (a.k.a. ’97 line).
  8. He is on the radio show ‘NCT’s Night Night With Johnny’.
  9. Jaehyun is roommates with Mark.
  10. He says he loves his hands.
  11. He’s good at swimming.
  12. He is good at cooking spicy pork.
  13. He wakes up very early.
  14. He steals other members’ food sometimes.
  15. He sweats a lot.
  16. He says that 10 years from now, he wants to be doing something that he’ll be happy doing; to be able to live without any regrets.
  17. He has dimples when he smiles.
  18. He likes to dress up in the ‘dandy’ fashion style.
  19. He was cast in SM Entertainment when he was in the 8th grade.
  20. When he was younger, he dreamed of becoming an architect.
  21. He drinks water when he first wakes up.
  22. He doesn’t really like Trot music.
  23. He loves Pokemon. His favorite Pokemon is Charmander.
  24. He hugs a pillow while he sleeps.
  25. He loves musical movies.
  26. He spent a lot of time alone at school when he was younger.
  27. Jaehyun graduated from SOPA and was in the same class as DIA’s Chaeyeon, and one generation of SEVENTEEN’s DK and GFriend’s Yuju.
  28. He can do aegyeo very well.
  29. He falls asleep the most quickly out of the NCT members.
  30. Jaehyun’s ideal type is a woman with long, straight hair. Someone who can communicate well with him, who is kind and who he can depend on. Someone healthy and into sports. Someone who is usually calm but can also be cute. He doesn’t care if they are older or younger.