Are NCT 127’s Jaehyun and BLACKPINK’s Rosé Dating? Find Out More about Their Moments Here!

jaehyun and rose dating issue

Calling Out to NCTzens and BLINKs: What’s the Truth behind NCT 127’s Jaehyun and BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Relationship?

Being a K-pop idol from a group that is famous for its activities and promotions during a career in the entertainment industry is certainly a pride for the members, and, of course, there are many opportunities in front of their eyes to be taken. Using various opportunities to shine even more in the future makes them even more praised by fans. Then, what if the K-pop idols also use their opportunities as people who want to start dating or to have a romance between them?

There are some K-pop idols who have been spotted dating each other or even rumored to be dating because they have something in common with each other. Who are these idols? Let’s take a look at an example from K-pop idols that were rumored to be dating, who are NCT 127’s Jaehyun and BLACKPINK’s Rosé, and find out the truth behind their relationship here!

NCT 127’s Jaehyun and BLACKPINK’s Rosé as K-Pop Idols

Jaehyun is a member of the NCT boy group who started his career in 2016. Meanwhile, Park Chae-young or who has the stage name Rosé is a member of the girl group BLACKPINK who also debuted in 2016.

Both born in 1997, Jaehyun and Rosé only have a three-day age difference, you know. Jaehyun was born on Valentine’s Day, while Rosé was born first on February 11.

Valentine boy Jung Yuno or known as NCT 127’S Jaehyun is an idol born in Seoul on February 14, 1997.

Only three days apart, Park Chae-young or who is often called Rosé was born first on February 11, 1997, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Both debuted in 2016. Jaehyun is the main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub rapper in NCT 127.

Meanwhile, Rosé has a position as the main vocalist and lead dancer in her group. She is very well known for having a very melodious and golden voice, so she also had the opportunity several times to appear as a soloist and get her solo stage to sing her own song.

Jaehyun has also lived in Connecticut, United States, and is one of the English speakers in his group and certainly attracts the attention of many international fans because he can promote his group well in English.

Rosé who grew up in Australia is also an English speaker in the BLACKPINK group and often speaks English. She is also trusted in communicating with other international fans.

In addition to promoting NCT 127, Jaehyun is also known as a music show MC and has been a radio DJ for “NCT Night Night.” Jaehyun’s talent as the spokesperson of the group turned out to be used very well, and he was able to become an MC at certain events.

Outside of her musical activities, Rosé is trusted to be a global ambassador for French fashion brands such as Saint Laurent or YSL. Being one of the BLACKPINK members who came from abroad, she is also famous for having a very skinny body like a model coupled with a very beautiful visual that certainly attracts the attention of many people.

So the all-rounder idol Jaehyun was also announced to be an actor in the drama Dear.M that will start airing in mid-2021 after experiencing many ups and downs related to issues experienced by one of the lead roles in the drama.

Meanwhile, Rosé also started her career as a solo singer by releasing an album. As the vocalist of BLACKPINK, Rosé has successfully introduced her two new singles entitled “On the Ground” and “GONE” with a song genre that really gives a touch of her image.

NCT 127’s Jaehyun and BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Moments

BLACKPINK appeared on Inkigayo’s latest broadcast on July 12, 2020, to promote their new single “How You like That.” The screenshot image shows Rosé standing next to NCT 127’s Jaehyun, making many people wonder about their height.

In the picture, Rosé is standing to the left of Jaehyun who is the MC of Inkigayo. APRIL’s Naeun who is also the MC is seen on Jaehyun’s right.

According to the agency’s official profile, Jaehyun’s height is 180 cm, Naeun is 167 cm, and Rose is 168 cm. But in the picture, Jaehyun is not much taller than Rose while Naeun looks much shorter than Rose. This makes netizens wonder if the height on their profile is not based on facts.

“Why doesn’t anyone think that Naeun increased her height in her profile?”

“Doesn’t Rosé’s shoes have a slightly higher heel? She is indeed 168 cm. Lisa is 166 cm and Rosé is slightly taller than Lisa.”

“Her profile says that she is 168 cm, but her actual height is between 169-170cm. If Lisa is 2 cm taller than her, the team image will die. Lisa has good proportions, and I watched all episodes of “BLACKPINK Diary.” I’m sure Rosé is taller than 168 cm and Lisa is around 166-168 cm. Jennie is 162-163 cm and Jisoo is 161-163 cm. But, Jennie and Jisoo‘s height is 163 cm in their profile.”

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“Rosé’s boots increase her height by about 3-4 cm, but Jaehyun is definitely not 180 cm.”

“I think Naeun increased her height. She’s definitely not 167 cm.”

“I’ve seen Jaehyun and Rosé in real life, and I don’t think Jaehyun is 180 cm. Maybe around 176-177 cm? Rosé is really about 168 cm (we are the same height). So, it makes me think Naeun has increased her height a little.”

“Rosé may be around 168 cm, but Naeun and Jaehyun’s height is exaggerated. Naeun is probably around 164 cm and Jaehyun is closer to 177-178 cm.”

“No way Jaehyun is 180 cm. I think he is around 176-177 cm? Naeun is also definitely shorter than 167 cm. She looks 162-164 cm? And, Rosé is probably 168-170 cm.”

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