About Jae Hee: Profile, Wife, Marriage, Songs, Movies, and TV Shows

Jae Hee’s Songs

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There are not many articles about Jae Hee’s music. But he was formerly part of the music group MIX.  Jae Hee is currently running an online apparel shopping mall called Easy by Step, which he established in May 2007.

Jae Hee’s Profile

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Name: Jae Hee (재희)
Original Name: Lee Hyun Kyoon/Lee Hyeon Gyun (이현균)
Born: May 25, 1980 (age 37)
Birth place: South Korea
Blood Type: O
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Shio: Monkey
Agent: Polaris Entertainment
Education: Dankook University
Family: One son (Lee Ra On) and one non celebrity wife
Hobbies: Watching cartoons and playing Star Craft

Jae Hee’s News

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Jae Hee has upcoming movies in 2018. These movies are Folktale and Memento Mori. Both of them were in the cinema in April 2018. Let’s check out the synopses!

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Heung-boo was the son of a wealthy family who had everything he wanted. However, things changed when his father passed away. His step-brother Nol-boo, who had always disliked him, takes over all of his father’s land and drives Heung-boo out. In addition, Sim-cheong, his fiancee, leaves him.

Heung-boo gives up everything as life takes an unfortunate turn. He accepts reality without even feeling pain, and gets a job as a taxi driver. Then he learns that Sim-cheong owes debt to Nol-boo for her father’s medical fees, and works at one of his bars.

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Suddenly they woke up. Not knowing how they ended up here or who did it, 6 people woke up in the same place. The survival game for 6 people with nothing in common has begun.

There’s a guy in a silver suit and a gold watch who speaks with foul language and has a long criminal record, a pretty looking female employee from a pharmaceutical company, a neat-looking elementary school teacher, a middle-aged woman dressed in a suit with nice hair and nails, a former detective that looks like the boss of a mob organization, and a guy with a cheerful character, but a cruel mind.

In a public bath in a basement somewhere, the 6 of them risk their lives.