Profile of Day6’s Jae (Instagram, Twitter, Parents, Quotes, and Tattoos)

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South Korea’s Rising Stars, Day6

Day6 is one of South Korea’s new rising stars, debuted under JYP Entertainment. This new boyband was formed in 2015 with 5 members: Sungjin, Young K, Wonpiil, Dowoon, and Jae. The group originally consisted of 6 members, but the ex member Junhyeok, decided to leave the group due to personal reason. Although Day6 is still very new to the K-pop industry, day-by-day they gain more and more popularity. Their gain in popularity is because of the talent and hard work of each member including Jae, who is also the face of the group. For those of you who want to know more about Jae, here we are going to reveal the profile of Day6’s Jae, so stay tuned!

Jae of Day6, Full Profile and Facts

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Stage Name : Jae

Birth Name : Park Jae Hyung

Positions : Face of the Group, Main Guitarist, Lead Vocalist, and Rapper

Date of Birth : September 15, 1992

Zodiac Sign : Virgo

Height : 182 cm (6’0″)

Weight : 65 kg (143 lbs)

Blood Type : B

Youtube Channel : JaeSix

Facts About Day6 ‘s Jae That You Need to Know

1. Jae was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2. When he was still 5 years old, he and his family moved from Argentina to California.

3. He studied at Cerritos High School in California, and then attended California State University, Long Beach.

4. Jae loves playing badminton.

5. Jae is nicknamed ‘Chicken Little’, because he looks like the chicken little character.

6. Not only is he called Chicken Little, his other nickname is ‘Harry Potter’ because he once said that he killed a dragon.

7. Although Jae has a cute face, he doesn’t like doing aegyo.

8. Day6’s Jae is one of the MC’s in ASC (After School Club) along with U-Kiss’s Kevin, Eric Nam, and 15&’s Jimin.

9. Jae sometimes edits Day6’s information on wikipedia. He has even played with other Day6 members’ nicknames.

10. Jae is not fully fluent in Korean, but he speaks very fluent English.

11. Jae is also the Day6 member who is most fluent member in English.

12. When he was still in high school, he founded a debate club for his high school.

13. Jae thinks he always looks more handsome and attractive if he has glasses on.

14. Jae is also known for his weird love for his foam cleanser.

15. He said that he dreams in both Korean and English.

16. Not only active on wikipedia, Jae is also really active on twitter. He loves tweeting hilarious tweets.

17. Jae always believes that he is the one who introduced Bernie dance to South Korea.

18. Another nickname of Jae’s is ‘Hashtag King’, because he likes to use many, long hashtags.

19. Jae is the founder of the ‘jaehyungparkian’. It is the ship name for him and Day6’s Young K.

20. He is a lactose intolerant.

21. Jae has an older sister.

22. Jae is a good friends with members of The Rose, and he is especially close to The Rose’s Woosung.

23. Although he spent his childhood outside of South Korea, he moved to South Korea when he was still five years old for only 2 years.

24. During his college at California State University, Jae studied political science.

25. He joined an audition of SBS’s Kpop Star and successfully passed the preliminaries, but was eliminated in April 2012.

26. After he ranked 6th place on Kpop Star season 1, he signed a contract with JYP Entertainment.

27. The ideal girl for Day6’s Jae is someone who is short and cute.

28. Jae is the tallest member of Day6.

29. Another weird fact about Jae is that he can speak fluent Japanese when he sleeps.

30. Jae has some allergies; he is allergic to grass, flower, dogs, and the sun.

31. Jae trained for 3 years before finally debuting.

32. Day6’s Jae has his own youtube channel “JaeSix”, and he posted his very first vlog “A Jae In The Life”

Have You Ever Seen Day6’s Jae’s Tattoo?

day6 jae tattoo

Tattoos are one of the accessories that a Korean idol usually has. During a concert, some fans spotted Day6’s Jae with a tattoo on his neck. The tattoo was a simple ‘cross’ sign. But it was later revealed that the tattoo was just a temporary tattoo. Do you think Jae looks sexy with the tattoo?

Day6’s Jae’s Twitter, and His Tweeting Activity

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Korean idols are usually active on their social media accounts to connect with their fans, as well as to build a good image. But for Day6’s Jae, social media, especially twitter, is not just a medium to connect to fans, he uses it as a platform to show his weirdness and his real personality. Through his Twitter @Jae_Day6, Day6’s Jae posted many tweets that win over other twitter users. Here are some tweets of Day6’s Jae has on his twitter. Let’s see how hilarious he is.

1. Creating a Hashtag for His Own Birthday

day6 jae twitter

2. Making GOT7’s Yugyeom Rap on Live TV

day6 jae twitter

3. When Jae Talked About Honesty

day6 jae twitter

4. Jae Replying to Fan’s Tweets Be Like…

day6 jae twitter

5. Jae Replying to Fans’ Tweets, Part 2

day6 jae twitter

Has Day6’s Jae Deleted His Instagram?

Not only active on his twitter account, Day6’s Jae has also posted many random silly photos and caption on his instagram account. Here are some examples of his funny posts.

1. Day6’s Jae “Younger Years” Instagram Post

day6 jae instagram account

2. Day6’s Jae “Smoking Warning” Instagram Post

day6 jae instagram

3. Day6’s Jae “Mom Text” Instagram Post

day6 jae instagram

Day6 members, including Jae, had their own instagram accounts as well as twitter accounts. But starting from March 22, 2016, Day6 members deactivated their instagram accounts, and created a new instagram for the group. Although the instagram account is probably handled by all the members or by the agency, you can directly spot if Day6’s Jae has posted, because he, as always, uses many hashtags.

day6 jae instargam

The Inspiring and Hilarious Quotes of Day6’s Jae

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His fun and friendly personality make him loved by all his fans. As someone who was really active on his social media accounts, Day6’s Jae sometimes shared quotes, not only inspiring ones, but also hilarious ones. Check them out!

1. “Don’t ever call your vision a dream. Dreams are unattainable wants you see during your sleep. Call it a goal. Cause goals are real” – Day6’s Jae

2. Being asked a question about who he is most thankful for, Day6’s Jae replied, “God. Nothing is possible without his guiding hand. May every fiber of my existence be put into motion for His will” – Day6’s Jae

3. One of Jae’s hilarious quotes was a sick poem he created, “Roses are red. Got Monday blue. That Grandma Swaggy. Durant don’t got no rings” – Day6’s Jae

4. A quote suddenly created by Jae because of his dislike of rain, “The sky peed on me today. I didn’t enjoy that” – Day6’s Jae

5. “Mydays can’t be better. Mydays saikou des” – Day6’s Jae

6. “Be weird. Being normal doesn’t get you far in life. Be who you are and only who you are. Don’t let nobody shape you into something else” – Day6’s Jae

7. “Don’t just dream. Set goals. Dreams are improbable possibilities. Goals are possible possibilities you work out step at a time” – Day6’s Jae

8. “Doesn’t matter who’s looking, whether they’re left or right beside you and they’re dancing a different format, do you. And no one else can say anything otherwise.” – Day6’s Jae on Day6’s Soundtrack Ep. 04

9. “I’d rather live life a food, with happiness” – Day6’s Jae

10. “Unless they wrong you. Then destroy” – Day6’s Jae

11. “For everyone thaat’s lost, afraid, hurt, or confused, it’s okay. We all are. It’ll take time but we’ll be okay I promise” – Day6’s Jae

12. “Everyone’s words, whether online or off, carry weight. Before you post something, realize that you need to take responsibility for what you’ve written. Don’t ever think ‘Oh what i said didn’t matter’, because it did and you will take responsibility, one way or another” – Day6’s Jae