‘Fendi Man’ Jackson Wang’s Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

jackson wang net worth

Check Out Jackson Wang’s Net Worth

As K-pop fans, we often see some K-pop idols with a lot of luxurious brands on their bodies. Bags, clothes, jackets, etc. Everything on them is not just pretty but also expensive. And, you probably also wonder how much the accessories that they wear are worth. Sometimes, the prices shock you. It may look expensive but be cheap or look simple but be expensive.

So, where do idols get all the luxurious stuff? Well, as you may know, idols do not only get paid when they release their songs. They can also be an ambassador of a brand, compose or produce their own songs, or even be their own CEO. All of that describes one specific idol that we’re going to talk about.

He’s Jackson Wang!

jackson wang net worth

Jackson Wang is known as a Fendi Man, one of the top artists in China, and a CEO at the age of 23. Now, you must be wondering how much Jackson Wang’s net worth is. Let’s scroll down to find out more about Jackson Wang’s net worth!

Jackson Wang Launched Team Wang

team wang design

We mentioned a bit how Jackson is known to be a CEO at the age of 23. Since Jackson Wang was born in 1994, he was 23 years old in 2017. Yep, that year Jackson officially launched an international record label based in China called Team Wang. Through his label, Jackson can produce his own music and release his solo songs.

Jackson released his first single called “Papillon” on August 26, 2017. However, Jackson’s solo music isn’t released in Korea. In fact, Jackson promoted the songs in the U.S., China, and basically everywhere besides Korea.

jackson wang

That’s why some rumors were attacking him saying that Jackson would leave GOT7 to focus more on Team Wang. Even so, Jackson said it’s not going to happen. To Jackson, the GOT7 members are just like brothers. They are supportive of him, too.

Jackson has been busy with Team Wang for years, making him go back and forth to Korea and China. He also promoted GOT7 in between his promotions.

In July 2020, Jackson released a brand for Team Wang, which is Team Wang Design. It is a fashion line from Jackson which produces a collection of hoodies, T-shirts, caps, beanies, etc. Team Wang also collaborated with Fendi, Ray-Ban, Monet, etc.

Jackson Wang as the Official Fendi Ambassador

jackson wang fendi

When we see Jackson, we know that he is such a fashionista, right? Everything he wears seems so luxurious. Not only is Jackson handsome, but his proportions are also great. It is no wonder that Fendi is in love with him, too. Well, what Fendi are we talking about here? It’s the fashion brand Fendi!

In May 2018, Jackson released his solo song called “Fendiman” in collaboration with Fendi. Let’s check out the music video of “Fendiman!”

On July 20, 2019, Fendi announced that they released their first-ever velvet collection which collaborated with Jackson Wang. Jackson participated in designing the collection, too. In the same year, Jackson was also appointed as the official brand ambassador of Fendi in China.

Jackson Wang Departed from JYP Entertainment

jackson wang

Jackson has been so active with his solo activities along with the group activities with GOT7. Knowing that he is such a successful musician in JYP Entertainment, you must be thinking that he would continue his career in that agency, especially since JYP Entertainment is one of the biggest K-pop agencies in Korea.

However, after its debut in 2014, GOT7’s contract ended on January 2021. Rumors of whether the group would be continuing their contract or not floated around the Internet for months before. In early January 2021, GOT7 members were giving hints that they might not be renewing their contract.

And, it was finally announced in January 11, 2021, that GOT7 will not continue its activities with JYP Entertainment. With this info, some people thought that GOT7 might be disbanding, especially with the rumors of other companies scouting GOT7’s members individually.

jackson wang

However, Jackson Wang and the other members in GOT7 made sure fans knew they are not going anywhere. Even though they are in different companies, the seven members will find a way to remain as a group later. For now, the members will explore their music and careers separately.

Regarding this issue, truths were revealed little by little. It turned out that JYP Entertainment would only sign a new contract with 5 members of GOT7. And, some fans were sure that it was Jinyoung and Jackson who were being cut since they had more solo activities and profits outside the company. The two of them weren’t offered a new contract because of that.

If the rumors are true, GOT7 really does have a strong bond. They don’t want to be separated no matter what.

Jackson Wang Joined Sublime Artist Agency

jackson wang

The departure of GOT7’s members from JYP Entertainment doesn’t mean the end for all of them. In fact, all of GOT7’s members agreed to be together as 7 even though they went to other agencies. And, the same goes for Jackson. He officially joined a new agency in South Korea, Sublime Artist Agency, on January 21, 2021.

Jackson signed to promote and produce music in Korea with Sublime Artist Agency. The agency was founded by Rain, a popular Korean soloist who was also a JYP Entertainment singer. Rain also signed a contract with Team Wang.

team wang jackson

So, Sublime Artist Agency and Team Wang will be collaborating in distributing music globally. They will also manage various artists and various businesses that they will develop together. What a great combo from the two agencies!

With All That, How Much Is Jackson Wang’s Net Worth?

jackson wang

We now know some of Jackson Wang’s achievements starting when he debuted. Jackson is known as one of the top artists in China. Since he is also promoting in the U.S. due to his fluent English, Jackson is known globally. Even fans outside of K-pop know him.

Being a powerful singer, producer, businessman, etc., it is no wonder that Jackson Wang’s net worth is $8 million.

jackson wang

Even so, Jackson Wang stays humble. He always feels thankful towards his fans, especially those who have been supporting him since day 1. Jackson also always supports his brothers, the GOT7 members, and receives much love from them. What a heartwarming relationship!

Stay humble and stay craving for more, Jackson!


That’s a wrap for the story about Jackson Wang’s net worth and how he achieved it. Jackson Wang might be a handsome and talented singer, but he is also an ambitious guy who is willing to risk it all for his dream. Even though he seems funny relaxed, when it comes to music, Jackson is a perfectionist. You can find a lot of news and information about Jackson Wang here at Channel-Korea! You can also show love and support for Jackson in the comment section!