Are Jackson Wang and Heo Young-ji Dating? Check Out the Rumor About Their Relationship!


What’s Happening between Jackson Wang and Heo Young-ji?

After the two of them appeared on the SBS variety show ‘Roommate’ as permanent members in 2014, there was so much interaction between Jackson Wang and Heo Young-ji that many supported them dating for real in the real world, and became their shippers.

Let’s Check out the chemistry between Jackson Wang and Heo Young-ji!

Jackson and Youngji in Roommate


‘Roommate’ is a variety show from South Korea that aired from 2014 to 2015, The event features eleven celebrities who live together, sharing common spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and restroom, as well as household chores. Successful with the first season, they made a second season ‘Roommate’ with a few member changes from the previous season, and ‘Roommate’ season 2 is the beginning for Jackson Wang and Heo Young-ji shippers.

Both born in 1994, and also both being idols, made the chemistry between the two of them become easily intertwined. starting with always arguing and fighting, which made the other members of ‘Roommate’ often tease them both. It was even enough to attract the attention of the audience of this variety show. Some of the moments betweeen the two of them on ‘Roommate’ can be found below.

There was one scene where Jackson Wang and Heo Young-ji were sitting in the back of the car and Lee Dong-wook was driving. Jackson told Lee Dong-wook that he saw his appearance on the ‘Strong Heart’ program and said that Lee Dong-wook was very cool, but Young-ji responded by questioning “You only saw him in the ‘Strong Heart’?” Jackson was made confused and just paused. Lee Dong-wook found the exchange very funny and asked if they were the same age because they keep fighting with each other.
Young-ji goes on to say that he watched all of Lee Dong-wook’s films and said that his sister is a fan of Lee Dong-wook. Then Jackson sees a picture of Young-ji and his sister Young-ji, who are very similar, but Jackson teases Young-ji and instead says they don’t look alike. Hearing this Lee Dong-wook said, “Stop Fighting you two” and was answered by Jackson “I have no one else to fight with. Since she’s the youngest, Let’s Fight. Let’s Fight often.” and Young-ji responds “okay” and makes Lee Dong-wook laugh.
They squabbled again because Young-ji said “Jackson’s not tall.” Hearing this, Jackson was angry at Young-ji and complained to Lee Dong-wook about being called short and said “She attacked me with my inferiority complex.” and in an annoyed tone Young-ji answers “When did I do that?”
Even though Lee Dong-wook had tried to reconcile them, they kept fighting and Jackson said “Sorry I’m wearing heels inserts” and Jackson continued “She says my skin’s bad, too.” Not accepting Jackson’s statement, Young-ji again asked, “When did I do that?” and Jackson said “Fine, my skin’s ruined” and still doesn’t accept Young-ji saying “I never said that.” until finally, Lee Dong-wook gave just the two of them time.
After keeping silent, Young-ji says “He’s still upset” and Jackson replies “It’s not that I’m upset. I’m just acknowledging the truth.” and Jackson goes on to mention his shortcomings “I can’t speak Korean. I’m short. I’m ugly. I know.” Young-ji says “no” and Jackson immediately responds “It’s fine“.
Young-ji then explains that Jackson’s Korean is better than hers and she never even thought that Jackson ws short. jackson replies, “I will put in three more inserts,” and made Young-ji laugh. then Young-ji invited Jackson to shake hands as a sign of their reconciliation, but Jackson refused. Young-ji was annoyed, saying, “He seriously … He’s seriously upset!
Jackson continued to avoid Young-ji and said “I’m still over 170 centimeters! I’m 174.8 centimeters.” Jackson then continued “Even though I’m short, Suzy never told me. I was short. Okay, I acknowledge it.” and Young-ji answers “Let’s make up first” and along the way, they joke around and tease each other, but Jackson still seems upset.
Finally, they stopped by a cafe while sitting face to face. Jackson said “I admit I’m short too. I’m short, I know.” then Young-ji says “I wanted to make up with you so I was looking for this earlier” while taking something from her pocket and taking out some cheese on the table while saying “I don’t know what kind of cheese I’d like” with a laugh and Jackson’s happy expression said “What is this? this is your apology?” and Young-ji responds “I bought all the brands of cheese.” and Jackson happily eats the cheese given by Young-ji. After their food order arrived, they finally seemed to be getting along and at the end, Jackson said “Let’s make up now,” while asking for a shake.

At the time, they were supposed to be part-time employees at Yong-ji’s Mom’s cafe. When they were in the car on the way to the cafe, Seo Kang-jun revealed that he had to be a cafe part-timer for about 8 months before he made his debut. He even knows how to make Cappucinos, Lattes, and Americanos. Hearing these things, Young-ji praised Kang-joon and said, “cool“.

Jackson responded, “When a guy knows how to make coffees, he becomes a cool guy?” and Seo Kang-joon said that he can also be a cool guy today. When Young-ji trained Jackson how to make beverages at her mom’s cafe, Young-ji showed their cafe recipes and revealed that, without them, it would be an end of their cafe. Jackson carelessly read out their secret recipe, making Young-ji mad.

With Young-ji’s guidance, Jackson finally made his first yogurt smoothie. When he tried his yogurt smoothie, he just paused and took another straw for Young-ji to try it out and after that, Young-ji said, “Wow” and Jackson said, “Why is it so good? Are you sure I made this?” with a surprised expression and then Young-ji replied, “You made it. Aren’t you proud of yourself? when I make it, I get proud of myself.” and Jackson answered, ” I didn’t believe you” while sucking his yogurt smoothie again. Jackson continued, “By the way, the recipe is very good.” and then Jackson started his first experience as a part-timer in the cafe and served the guests confidently.


In room no. 1, Lee Guk-joo, Heo Young-ji, and Jackson Wang gathered and were talking about marriage. First Lee Guk-joo revealed, “I will have to film my wedding ceremony.” and Heo Young-ji answered, “Sure, I will do it for you” and Guk-joo said “I’m getting married” and Jackson replied, “With whom? To Kang-joon Hyung?” and Guk-joo answered, “To Lee Dong-wook” and Jackson responded by saying, “Then is Lee Dong-wook is my father?

Young-ji suddenly said, “I will get married too.” Jackson responded, “What do you mean you’re getting married? To whom?” Guk-joo also commented, “I knew it” and Young-ji answered, “It’s secret,” Jackson responded, “Do you already know who?” and Guk-joo added, “To Jackson?” Young-ji immediately argues that the person isn’t Jackson.

Jackson said, “Why would I?,” and Young-ji responded, “I wouldn’t marry you either,” and Jackson replied, “I wouldn’t either“. They kept fighting because they rebuked each other, and said they wouldn’t want to marry each other. Hearing their conversation like that, Guk-joo commented, “If you keep fighting like that, you may end up getting married.” and they kept arguing about not wanting to marry each other.

Jackson and Youngji in Weekly Idol

Jackson-Wang-and-Heo-Young-ji-Weekly Idol
In one of MBC’s special episodes of ‘Weekly Idol,’ they invited Big Byung and Chamsonyeo as guest stars. Bi Byung consists of BTOB’s Sungjae, GOT7’s Jackson, and VIXX’s N and Hyuk, while Chamsonyeo consists of After School’s Lizzy, 4Minute’s Sohyun, and KARA’s Young-ji and G.Na. Both of these groups were project groups from a variety show titled ‘Hitmaker‘,
Hitmaker‘ is a South Korean variety show that aired on MBC Every1 and was presented by South Korean producer duo Jeong Hyeong-don and Defconn, who were the MCs of ‘Weekly Idol’ at the time.
There is something interesting about this special episode of ‘Weekly Idol’: Wang Jackson and Heo Young-ji were reunited for this event. They both joined the group from ‘Hitmaker’ and were both present as guest stars in the special episode.
They played a game with a lie detector machine, where the MC will give a statement and all members one by one had to answer yes or no. The first to do it was Jackson, and the MC gave the statement “I have thought Young-ji as a girl,” and Jackson answered, “Yes” because he guessed it was going come out a lie, anyway. Responding to Jackson’s thinking, G.Na said, “Ah, I know what he’s trying to say but I don’t think it’d turn out that way” and then the lie detector machine come out a truth, which left both Jackson and everyone else surprised.
Everyone turned out really happy and congratulated them, and Sungjae said, “Oh! then all that was shown on broadcast up till now wasn’t script.” Hyeong-don also said, “DSP and JYP have to come out now (to speak up)” and continued, “stick close to them, Dispatch,” meanwhile Jackson and Young-ji were speechless.
Before Young-ji’s turn, the MC asked Jackson a question, “When did you first feel it’s different with that girl?” and Jackson responded, “truthfully when we first met,” and Jackson looked a little embarrassed by what he just said. He continued, “No, because don’t you normally see the other party like this (as a girl) when you first meet?” and Seung-jae answered, “I don’t, though.” Jackson again tried to give the statement “instead of seeing as a girl, it was just ‘oh we are going to live together’,” which created even more misunderstandings. Hearing this, Young-ji could not calm herself down, and Jackson told Young-ji to help him straighten out his words. Seeing this, the MC said, “Aren’t you guys having a couple of fights right now?“, which made them both laugh. Jackson explained, “As time passes, she is just a really close friend of mine now.”
They finally moved to Young-ji. Sungjae said, “Let’s confirm the girl’s heart,” to Jackson. Young-ji was given a similar statement, “I, Young-ji’s roommate member, has the same heart with Jackson (feels the same way)” Young-ji also tried to explain that she did, and she once revealed it in an interview, too. Jackson tried to help Young-ji by telling her that in many cases, the ‘lie’ would be the result and Young-ji responds “ah, okay,” and she finally answered “Yes.” While waiting for the results of the Jackson lie detector machine to say, “Lie will come out, 100% I know. This machine always comes out with ‘lie’.” and suddenly the machine comes out ‘truth’, which made everyone, including Jackson and Young-ji, really shocked. Everyone except Jackson and Young-ji got very excited. They even swapped seats so that Young-ji and Jackson were sitting side by side, and Defconn made the statement, “In any case, since the both of you feel the same, I hope you too will start dating excitingly. ” G.Na also said, “Let’s congratulate them,” meanwhile Jackson and Young-ji remained speechless.