IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon’s Profile: Pre-Debut, Produce 48 Era, Nicknames, Instagram, Etc.


Meet the Gorgeous Idol with Stunning Visuals from IZ*ONE, Kang Hyewon

Who agrees that K-pop never gets boring and even as time goes by we can’t get tired of it because everything about K-pop is always refreshing? Well, not always, but in some cases, K-pop tries to show a different side that makes people not get bored with it. For example, the popular survival shows that were joined by around a hundred trainees to form a new temporary group on Produce 101.

The success of Produce 101 has a lot of people talking about it on the Internet. The huge popularity that was reached by their former group I.O.I or WANNA ONE also made people think that the show is really promising. No wonder, the next group produced by the Produce 101 series also has big fame in Korea and outside Korea.

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This idol that we’re going to talk about in this article comes from the popular group from Produce 101 Season 3, or you can just call the program Produce 48. It was the collaboration between Mnet and AKS to form a group that has Japanese and Korean members. They promoted in both countries.

And, the idol that we’re going to talk about is none other than Hyewon!


Let’s see what kind of charms Hyewon has that make a lot of people fall for her in the sections below!

IZ’ONE’s Kang Hyewon’s Profile

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Hyewon or Kang Hyewon is one of the twelve members of IZ*ONE. Just like any other participant, Hyewon was a trainee when she joined the Produce 48 program. In IZ*ONE, she’s in charge of rapping, vocals, and visuals. There are a lot of things about Hyewon that you can learn, such as her blood type, birthday, or even MBTI type.

Let’s see the profile of Kang Hyewon down below!

Full Name: Kang Hyewon

Korean Name: 강혜원

Japanese Name: カン・へウォン /

Stage Name: Hyewon

Nickname: Kang-chan, Kang Coral, Airport Yepeo, Ice Princess, Skinship Villain, Kwangyomi, Innocent Rapper from Hell, Minami Mom, etc.

Birthplace: Busan, South Korea

Nationality: Korean


  • Habuk Elementary School
  • Bokwang Middle School
  • Bokwang High School -> Hanlim School of Performing Arts

Hobby: Watching anime dramas

Specialty: Piano

Birthdate: July 5, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Position: Rapper, vocalist

Occupation: Singer, idol

Blood type: B

Foot size: 220 mm

Height: 163 cm


Family: Parents, 1 younger brother

Debut Year with IZ*ONE: 2018

Agency: Off the Record, 8D Creative

Instagram: @official_izone

IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon’s Facts


After seeing the profile of Hyewon, now we know some basic things about her such as her birth year, height, weight, and even schools she went to. But, all of that info is still not enough if we want to know more about her. Do you know that Hyewon and Doyeon from Weki Meki, who also came from Produce 101 Season 1, are friends?

Yep, let’s see more interesting facts about Hyewon that you may not know!

  • Despite being called Ice Princess due to her cold face, Hyewon is the one who gets closest to the female staff when they are having a photoshoot.
  • Eunbi said that Hyewon has the most feminine personality, and she’s likely to get married first.
  • Hyewon doesn’t like coffee, green tea, and even mint chocolate. She also doesn’t like seafood-made food except for squid sashimi.
  • Hyewon’s alcohol tolerance is two bottles of soju.
  • Hyewon was popular for her visuals even when she was in Produce 48. She’s popular for having an innocent look.
  • Hyewon was in the same class as The Boyz’s Ju Haknyeon, CLC’s Kwon Eunbin, and Elris’ Hyesung in Hanlim School of Performing Arts.
  • Hyewon has a tattoo that has the meaning, “Satisfied with what you are doing and enjoy the present.”
  • Even though Hyewon likes to eat a lot, she doesn’t gain weight that much. Her body is still slim.
  • Hyewon has a fearless personality.
  • Hyewon’s training period in 8D Creative was around 9 months.
  • Hyewon is friends with 99-liner idols such as Doyeon from Weki Meki, Hyeseong Elris, etc.
  • Hyewon is friends with AKB48’s Sato Minami, and she got the nickname Minami Mom because of that.

IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon’s Pre-Debut

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Before debuting in IZ*ONE, Hyewon was originally from Busan. She was born and raised in Gyeongsang Province along with her younger brother. Being the only daughter in the family, it’s such a blessing that Hyewon’s parents weren’t strict with her because they let her go to Seoul and become a trainee.

At that time, Hyewon was accepted by a Music K Entertainment company around 2015. She was still in high school in Busan, and she had to move to Seoul and transfer her school as well. Hyewon became a student of Hanlim School of Performing Arts, and the school is attended by a lot of trainees and idols.

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But, Hyewon’s journey to become an idol wasn’t in Music K Entertainment. Hyewon had to move her company to another one. Finally, she moved to 8D Creative, the small-medium size company that had never debuted an idol before. The company had a lot of models and actors but not an idol.

But, it seems like Hyewon didn’t give up. Thankfully she didn’t because under 8D Creative, Hyewon joined as a participant of a survival program that later made her name big.

IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon’s Produce 48 Era

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In 2017, there was an announcement that Korea and Japan’s agencies, Mnet and AKS, would make a collaboration regarding the popular survival program Produce 101 series. The collaboration of the two powerful sides gave us the third season of Produce 101 called Produce 48.

Just like the name, Produce 48 contained participants from Korea and Japan. The Japanese participants were members of 48 Group including AKB48 and HKT48. The participants from Korea were trainees under Korean entertainment agencies.

Hyewon was part of the Korean participants. She was a trainee under 8D Creative. As a participant in Produce 48, Hyewon was part of the rapper team. She’s famous for the nickname Innocent Rapper. Let’s see some clips of Hyewon’s performances in Produce 48!

Hyewon did a great job by getting the 8th rank in the final episode of Produce 48. This meant that Hyewon was one of the twelve members of the upcoming girl group from the program.