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Yujin with Blue Hair: Yay or Nay?


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  • Blue hair suits her so well
  • She looks nice, blue hair makes her look more mature somehow
  • She looks so pretty
  • Honestly, I was surprised by her hair color change but I love it
  • So cute

Yujin is an ARMY?


IZ*ONE’s Yujin turned out to be an ARMY!!!

Yujin had previously said that she was inspired to be a singer after watching the 2016 MAMA in the front row, and her fans also found her gif (Yujin) cheering using an army bomb, a friend in her real life had also confirmed that she was a big fan of BTS.

Recently, an old video showing IZ*ONE’s maknae (the youngest) line Ahn Yu-jin shouting with enthusiasm when BTS win the Daesang award in 2016 at the Melon Music Awards received attention on social networking sites. Three years ago, when Yujin was still a 13-year-old middle school student who had not yet become an idol attended the 2016 Melon Music Awards to support a boy band from Big Hit Entertainment. When BTS received the Daesang album award in 2016, a camera appeared in the audience’s seat and Yujin was accidentally highlighted in the camera and she was excited, screaming and waving the BTS lightstick in her hand.

The video quickly went viral among the BTS fan community and also IZ*ONE with more than 107,000 views after 1 day of posting. ARMY (as called for BTS’ fans) all expressed appreciation for Yujin’s feelings for their idol. At that time, BTS’ name and reputation were not as big as now. In addition, the global boy band then received a lot of criticism for the Daesang album at the 2016 MAMA and was deemed inappropriate. In addition, during a live stream, Yujin also shared this interesting story. She said that was her first time to come to Seoul. Thanks to the experience in the award ceremony, she got the motivation to become a K-Pop idol. “It was at the end of the year and the winter holidays were coming, so I decided to book tickets to the award ceremony. I was standing very close to the stage, right on the fence, where there was a camera. I watched it with great joy. It was a senior I respected. When idols receive awards, everyone is happy with them, crying with them. Seeing them so happy, I think I want to become an idol.”


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