Get to Know IZ*ONE’s Lee Chae-yeon

Chaeyeon in Produce 48

Having two failures in two big survival shows didn’t break her spirit to pursue her dream. Chae-yeon participated once more in a survival show Produce 48 that aired from June to August 2018. The show had successfully debuted the very famous girl group I.O.I, and now Chae-yeon tried to have that chance.

When she appeared in the show, her dancing ability was beyond any doubt. Many people commented that she was more like a professional dancer than an idol, but Chae-yeon still had her goal of becoming an idol. Her journey in Produce 48 was not easy, she had to go through a lot of harsh ups and downs. When she became a leader and had to sing “Very Very” by I.O.I, people criticized her as she didn’t suit the cute concept, but in the next project, she had to sing another cute concept so she chose to be the strong leader in her group and continued to practice more.

To be the center, she said that she should be pretty and confident but she thought she didn’t have either. After losing her confidence, she gained it back as the dance mentor said she looked pretty when she smiles so she should smile more often. Her mentor also said that Chae-yeon has got a lot of talents but she lacks the confidence so people are unable to see her persona.

At the final night, Chae-yeon succeeded to perform as an amazing and confident center for the first and last time, proving to everyone that she could do that. When the top twelve ranks were about to be announced, Chae-yeon felt pessimistic as the top eleven were filled, but finally, she came out as the last person to fill the twelveth chair. She cried so much and said, “I’ve been dreaming for this for so long.” Congratulations Chae-yeon, you deserve that!

Debut With IZ*ONE

Chae-yeon’s dream has finally come true. IZ*ONE debuted on October 29th, 2018, with their song “La Vie en Rose” along with their album Color*IZ. They successfully debuted as they managed to beat the record of their senior I.O.I. First, the “La Vie en Rose” MV was watched 4.559.202 times in YouTube 24 hours after it was released. Second, their album sold 34 thousand copies in the first day, beating the I.O.I record of selling 28.400 copies in their first day. “La Vie en Rose” also placed in the top ten of many charts like Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver, and Soribada.

Despite their successful debut, IZ*ONE reaped controversy as they were being judged as the “right-wing” and the Anti-Korea group. This happened when one of the members promoted the Attack on Titans anime which was deemed as anti-Korea anime, and their song “We’re In Love Right?” was released in full Japanese lyrics. The song was also banned in SBS and KBS.

Chaeyeon and Her Sister, ITZY’s Chaeryeong

As we know, Chae-yeon has an idol sister named Chae-ryeong, with whom they struggled together to debut as idols since they were young. Chae-ryeong is one year younger than Chae-yeon, that means Chae-ryeong is Chae-yeon’s younger sister. They have been mistakenly considered as twins as they have really similar features of body and face, even their hairstyle.

They started their journey with K-Pop Star 3, then they were cast by JYP together, and back to struggling in Sixteen, and also lost together. In 2017, Chaeyeon decided to leave her sister and move into a new agency, while Chaeryeong chose to stay. And now, they are reunited as members of successful groups, namely ITZY and IZ*ONE, and both of them are the main dancers of the group due to their amazing dancing skills which they had since they were kids!

Chaeyeon’s House

Chaeyeon’s house was once a hot topic of conversation in social media. People said that they were coming from a super-rich family, born with a silver spoon, and so on, as people saw the footage of Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong’s house.

A photo of pre-debut Chaeryeong was spread, showing her mirror selfie in a luxurious living room with a marble floor and pillar inside the house. Chaeryeong also posed with a branded Gucci bag, which is known for its high price.

Beside that, Chaeyeon also showed her daily life in the reality show IZ*ONE Chu. In that program, Chaeyeon’s house looks so spacious with luxurious furniture and an expensive chandelier. Netizens said that their house looks like the rich houses from dramas. Despite their silver spoon background, they are hardworking persons as they both struggled so much to debut without any help or privileges.