Get to Know the Bias Wrecker, IZ*ONE’s Kim Chae-won: Profile, Facts, ‘Produce 48,’ Debut Era, and More!

izone chaewon

Kim Chae-won: The Bias Wrecker from IZ*ONE Who Has Tons of Charms!

Kim Chae-won who is famously known as IZ*ONE‘s Chaewon has gained a lot of attention since her appearance in the show Produce 48! Being successfully placed in the 10th finale rank, Chaewon made her debut as an IZ*ONE member afterward. Through this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you everything about Kim Chae-won, so make sure you’re gonna read until the last paragraph!

Full Profile of Kim Chae-won

izone chaewon

Birth Name: Kim Chae-won (김채원)

Stage Name: Chaewon (채원)

Birth: Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, August 1, 2000

Age: 21 years old (2021)

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Nationality: Korean

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Blood Type: B

Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocal

Years Active: 2018 – present

Label: Woollim Entertainment, Off the Record Entertainment

Associated With: Woollim Rookie, Produce 48, IZ*ONE

Get to Know: Fun Facts about Kim Chae-won!

izone chaewon
  • Chaewon attended Hanlim Multi Art School.
  • Chaewon is the daughter of actress Lee Ran-hee.
  • Chaewon has an older sister.
  • Chaewon’s nickname is Fairy Chaewon, and her English name is Anna Kim.
  • Chaewon loves watching movies, mukbang videos, choreography videos, and listening to ballads.
  • Chaewon’s specialties are singing and dancing.
  • Chaewon’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate, and her favorite fruit is blueberry.
  • Chaewon can eat spicy foods very well.
  • Chaewon’s fans think that she looks like Rapunzel.
  • People also think that Chaewon is very similar to Stray KidsFelix.

Kim Chae-won’s Career Story as a K-Pop Idol!

izone chaewon

Previously, Kim Chae-won was a trainee from Woollim Entertainment. Then, she joined the show Produce 48 as the representative of her agency and was finally selected for the line-up of the new group IZ*ONE. Learn more about the whole journey of Kim Chae-won to be a K-pop idol here:

Kim Chae-won’s Appearance on Produce 48

izone chaewon

Before her debut as an IZ*ONE member, Kim Chae-won joined the famous survival show Produce 48! Kim Chae-won was introduced as one of their contestants on May 11, 2018, as the representation of Woollim Entertainment.

izone chaewon
izone chaewon

She gained a lot of attention due to her amazing performances during the show. It also led to her getting into 10th place and becoming part of the line-up for Produce 48‘s upcoming girl group which later was known as IZ*ONE! Let’s take a look at Kim Chae-won’s appearances throughout Produce 48 here:

Kim Chae-won’s Official Debut as an IZ*ONE Member

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Kim Chae-won officially made her debut as an IZ*ONE member on October 29, 2018, when the group released the first mini-album COLOR*IZ with “La Vie en Rose” as its title track. IZ*ONE consisted of twelve members and was formed through the survival competition show Produce 48. The group was active for two and half years based on a special contract.

In the group, Kim Chae-won was in charge of the lead dancer and lead vocalist positions. She also received the nickname Bias Wrecker due to her stunning performance and the visual appearance that successfully made her fans admire her even more!

izone chaewon

IZ*ONE’s popularity increased rapidly, especially among South Korean and Japanese fans. With 11 other members, the group IZ*ONE released a lot of famous singles such as “Violeta,” “Rise,” and several Japanese singles as well. The group also released their Japanese debut through the single “Suki to Iwasetai” and held their first Japanese fan meeting in Tokyo!

Kim Chae-won as a Part of JoYuRiz

izone chaewon

Kim Chae-won is also famously known for her part in the pairing friendship named JoYuRiz! For your information, JoYuRiz was a pairing friendship as well as an official sub-unit of IZ*ONE. They consisted of Jo Yu-ri, Kim Chae-won, and Choi Ye-na. JoYuRiz also has other nicknames such as The Triplets and YenYulSsam.


Initially, the pairing has made due to the visual similarities between Yuri, Chaewon, and Yena. Their great similarities also made some media confuse them! The name JoYuRiz also served as a joke among IZ*ONE fans, but it went to another level when JoYuRiz eventually released the single “Someday” from the group’s first studio album entitled BLOOM*IZ.

Kim Chae-won’s Stage Performances & Song Cover

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Kim Chae-won’s appearance during live stage performances has become one of the most awaited moments. Check out some of her best performances through the video down below!

Three words to describe Kim Chae-won through the Festival live stage performance are adorable, cute, and sweet! With the casual summer outfit and pigtail hairstyle, she really knows how to impress people with her charms!

Kim Chae-won on IZ*ONE’s Panorama live stage performance looked like a real goddess! With long curly hair, a little grey dress, and a pair of long boots, Kim Chae-won’s chic visuals are on another level! Not to mention, the way she danced and sang her parts also got people hypnotized by her!

Kim Chae-won released a cover song video for “Love Lane,” and the song was originally performed by MAMAMOO! The video looked like a real MV with a mixture of daily vlog videos where people could see her during her daily activities. The most important part is Kim Chae-won’s soft and lovely vocals within the “Love Lane” performance!

Kim Chae-won and Stray Kids’ Felix: Are They Siblings?

izone chaewon & stray kids felix

The fans were surprised with the visual similarities between Kim Chae-won and one of the Stray Kids members, Felix! Some of them also thought that they looked like twins. Kim Chae-won and Felix were also born in the same year 2000 and are only separated by one month!

Well, do you think that Chae-won and Felix are very similar? You can compare and have your own thoughts after taking a look at the visual similarities between IZ*ONE’s Chaewon and Stray Kids’ Felix here:

izone chaewon & stray kids felix
izone chaewon & stray kids felix
izone chaewon & stray kids felix

That is all of the information about Kim Chae-won! As one of the K-pop idols, she has proven herself through her amazing talent, passion, and hard work. She finally made it as one of the best idols in the K-pop entertainment industry! We will wait patiently for Kim Chae-won’s future activity as a K-pop idol!

Well, is Kim Chae-won becoming your bias wrecker among IZ*ONE’s members? Let us know the answer through a comment below and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!